The Great Gluten-Free Goof-Game – Are you Playing It?

by Ravi

MMMMMMM, Those delicious almond flour/rice flour pancakes for breakfast today were super! And the gluten-free honey bread sandwiches for lunch? Killer, Mom!  You’ve got the recipe down on that one! And these crispy gluten-free rolls with dinner – YUM!

Sound familiar? Well – you’re playin’

The Great Gluten-Free Goof Game!

Learn All Bout the GOOF GAME click here

The “Teeth-Rotting Diet” – It’s What’s For YOUR Lunch


To Hell With Bastardly Dentists:

Dental Healing with Paleo/Primal Diet Plus

by Ravi

Many of us are conceptually incarcerated by decades of  indoctrination to modern dentistry’s revival-tent calls to sit in the dentist chair and “be healed” (and forfeit big bucks doing so).  Dental “care”, dental products and dentifrices are a huge, 100’s of millions of dollars a year business. We’ve been led to believe – like in so many other areas of our lives, that we need holy professionals, in this case the “dental care priests” to pray over us with their high-speed drills in order to keep our teeth past childhood.

It seems inconceivable to learn that, in fact,


learn how to NEVER sit in a dentist chair again – and still have great teeth!

SALT, The Grim Reaper in a Shaker, or No?

by Ravi

Loooove salt – yes!

…and have spent my WHOLE adult life scared of that love.

Salt – the Grim Reaper of seasoning, the savory 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse ready to strike me down with every shake.

But guess what?

It’s just not true.

click here to see why the most dangerous food additive of all… is not

Wheat We Won’t Eat – and Why…

Our family had been on the fence about wheat and grains for quite some time.  Bread was always enjoyed and was also super-convenient (tough to eat a tuna salad sandwich without the bread…;-) ).

But the “staff of life” has quite some problems that are increasingly coming to light with new observational studies, new controlled studies and finally – the analysis of many learned and accomplished doctors and science professionals,  and NOT just for those with diagnosed celiac disorder. 

read more about the nasties in wheat here