Serious to Lose Weight? then LEARN TO SHOP!

by The DaiaSolGaia Community

Wanna be more successful losing weight?

Then get real.  Having foods around that are NOT part of your program (ANYWHERE in the house or within reach) is tempting fate – or worse yet – tempting your questionable will power (you are over-weight after all, yes?…)

Success going Paleo/Primal to lose weight (Paleo/Primal diet explained here) is no different than success with any other venture in your life – you must decide, choose your path and put you mind and will to the task!  Happily, the wonder of the paleo diet is that, although there are “rules” on what NOT to eat, what you CAN eat is immensely satisfying, delicious, and you really do not have to “count calories”.

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Getting “The Skinny” on Getting Skinny With the Paleo/Primal Diet

by Ravi

If you click around the Paleo/Primal Diet world, it’s pretty hard to miss all the exceptional stories of weight loss and, in fact, that many people try and love the paleo diet for that very reason (besides all the great tasting food you get to eat!).

It takes a bit of mental gymnastics to “get” this one central premise (after a generation of bad conditioning) – but …

eating meat and fat DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT!*

*unless (of course) you are stuffing down several Big Macs and a shake combining refined carbs, sugar and cheap fatty meat all in one horrid meal!

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“Death, White & Sweet”, or, “I Thought the Hippies Were Nuts”

by Ravi

It’s 1975 and I’m in North Country Coop on the West Bank in Minneapolis – a naive pre-med student at UofM. Coop’s were pretty “seedy” back then – roughly tossed together and staffed by the real political anti-establishment animals – called hippies.

“Yea, man – that stuff is WHITE DEATH” barked the bearded, ever-so-slightly odorous coop worker in his soiled white apron chatting energetically with another shopper. “People just don’t know – white sugar is government trying to dumb us down and manipulate us – just feed ’em, White Death and you’ve got control!”

“Sheesh,” I though to myself, “what a wacko.”  I bought an odd-looking, lumpy  cookie, trotted out of the store and took a big bite.  “Plaaaaa!” I exclaimed, spitting it out on the sidewalk, the taste being what I imagined a mouthful of peat moss and gravel would offer. Sugar was definitely verboten in that hippi-hollow.

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PaleoHydration – Making Water a Tad More Tasty

by Ravi

Mark over at his “Daily Apple” just did a good awareness post on diet sodas, and although he does not come and outright vilify them, his good comments are food (drink?) for thought.

I, on the other hand, am happy to vilify any and all sweetened soda no matter what you use to sweeten it.

Seriously folks, this is one of the most amazingly profitable (and legal!) scams in all of modern marketing history. Take water (and not even good water), toss in some cheap sugar – or even cheaper highly-suspect pretend-sugar, add questionable chemicals to mimic a flavor – all at a total cost of probably less than a cent per can (the canning/bottling/shipping is the most expensive part of the package) and sell resulting pollution for 20 to 100 times it’s cost.  Advertise this liquid atrocity as “the cool drink to drink”, make sure it has some legal, at least mildly-addictive substance in it (too bad they could not still use cocaine, huh?) and literally become pushers of this nutritionally worthless and in fact, highly damaging fluid.  Use your ever-increasing huge profits to further push and addict group after group, generation after generation of people and voila! – you have one of the most amazingly profitable scams in all of modern marketing.

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What is a Primal/Paleo Diet? DaiaSolGaia’s Thoughts…

by Ravi

Ravi and Jack eating out...

We realized that we didn’t have a post detailing what we would describe as paleo-primal type diets. Paleo-primal diets rely heavily on anthropological data and the accompanying assumptions with physiological and biological tidbits thrown in… and mix. The result is that we all have our opinions of the details while there are some central tenants that paleo/primal eaters agree on.

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Tasty Experiments with Fermented Condiments

by Sunna

“The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous helpful enzymes as well as antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine.” (from “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon)

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Your Paleo-Diet TasteBud Makeover

by Ravi

a juicy fatty porkchop

I came across this interesting tidbit that rolled around the internet last year (I missed it – oh well..!) that we have an actual taste bud receptor for “fat”.  Now why would that be? (question directed at vegetarian and vegan crowd arguing for evolutionary vegetarianism). Well duhhh – we have the receptor ’cause nature wanted us to eat this substance! OK so you could say we taste sweet, so why is it not good to eat more sweets? Well, because nature DID want us to eat sweet when there was so little of it around – it indicated valuable energy-giving carbohydrate which, in paleo-terms, was not available chocloate-dipped, with 2 nuts and wrapped up just waiting for our dumb impulse purchase. (I would also argue that bitter taste buds are to give us care in eating plants and substances that may be bad for us…)

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Wheat We Won’t Eat – and Why…

Our family had been on the fence about wheat and grains for quite some time.  Bread was always enjoyed and was also super-convenient (tough to eat a tuna salad sandwich without the bread…;-) ).

But the “staff of life” has quite some problems that are increasingly coming to light with new observational studies, new controlled studies and finally – the analysis of many learned and accomplished doctors and science professionals,  and NOT just for those with diagnosed celiac disorder. 

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Cooking Tonite with Paint Thinner? The Oily Residue of Greed

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MMMMM, a greasy coating of former paint thinner/industrial lubricant on your chicken and ‘tatoes – what could be finer? This is a Ravi Rant about a corporate-profit-incited food blasphemy that has gone on for decades and continues almost unabated. Fortunately there are slippery signs that the outrageous oily oligarchy and its offensive odium will eventually be ostracized! ( … alliteration by an illiterate 🙂 ).

So much debate, research and arguing has gone on and continues to go on about this “food” (a non-food in our eyes). Rather than for me to rant on (well, I will rant a bit), I am offering this as a resource w/comment blog where I will say what I have to say and provide you a few links for more on this long sad story of corporate greed and total disregard for the health of the general population.

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Primal/Paleo Diet as a Platform for Modern Nutrition

If you like our blog, please send it to your friends and sign up for new posts!Part #1 –   Meat is Murder?  or

My first comment will lose the idealistic zealots of the vegetarian/vegan crowd I’m sure – so here goes:

We evolved eating meat. Some intelligent doctors and researchers think we evolved because we ate meat. More research shows that hunter-gatherers ate meat in exclusion to any other food as long as meat was available (and ate plants to survive when it was not). All life on this planet thrives on the death of other life – plant or animal – who are we to deny the value of ANY life over another? (or, “that salad is screaming all the way down to your stomach”... I was so impressed at 15 when I read the now-classic  “The Secret Life of Plants” – still worth the read). Read more of this post