An Antidote for Constant Bad News…

This week’s been a doozie packed with more depressing news about the world, our food etc etc.

Take a few minutes and explore a little art and the beauty in animated storytelling…

Octopus Love: Oktapodi, Adorable Oscar Nominanated Animated Short, FCS #12

It’s just sweet, cute and funny cartoon – a delightful few minutes break from your day! (Kids will love it too…)

For Love of a Piano, a Touching, Beautiful Animated Short

by Ravi

There is so much to write about the misery, corruption, and literal horror in the world that we can forget that there is great beauty to embrace as well  – love, and art and music.

Take a moment to enjoy a creative and beautiful  piece of animated art – both visually and audio – that revolves around something very close to my heart…

the Piano.

The Artsy-Fartsy (And Quite Enjoyable) “Idiot with a Tripod” – Fun Cool Sh*t #10

In case you missed this  – its a charming and talented piece of artsy filming and editing done during the huge NYC snowstorm this last winter.

The pleasure of it comes, I think, from the well placed cuts and fades of images from a matter-of-fact kind of event (a snowstorm in a city) so aptly timed with the chosen music.  I have actually found myself viewing it a couple times in a sitting, enjoying the story it tells so succinctly and not without a good dash of humor!