Next Up: Soylent Green (Soylent White Already in Production…)

by Ravi
You may just want to check out where your rice is coming from.

I’m old enough to remember the shock and awe at the sci-fi flik “Soylent Green” where good ‘ol Chas Heston discovered that the food solution for the over-crowded, polluted and no longer productive earth was to re-process the dead and dying into “Soylent Green” chips – food from the bodies of the dead.

It was truly a “camp” film and it quickly became  (and still is) a kind of classic symbol of our over-crowded earth, the stretching of our limited resources by rampant, unthinking over-population. The thing is – back in the 1970’s it was still campy sci-fi.  The world population was just clicking over 3 billion and although for those who were paying attention, the red flags were starting to pop up regarding over-population, underproduction of food, crop failures and starvation, most people were complacent and happily ignorant.

Now, if you remember the film, you’ll recall that there were other soylent food color chips before green was introduced.  Presumably these were other almost as frightening food concepts as the dying world’s food producing corporation  “Soylent” was recycling anything and everything that could even remotely serve as food.

That’s where today’s story comes in.

Reports have been surfacing in southeast Asia about an interesting food-like solution being illegally manufactured and sold – some exported- from China.  As if their melamine-in-the-milk-to-fake-increased-protein-value poisoning episode was not enough, some of their increasingly despotic and immoral manufacturers are “bulking up” a fake rice product…. with plastic bags.

China Makes Fake Rice from Plastic (link)

Reports are in that an absolutely yummy-sounding composite of cheap potato starches and, yes, plastic bags are being scrumptiously whipped up and molded into little rice-like food-like substance – we’re talking Soylent White here. Beyond the despicable lies the humor – or at least that is how we attempt to de-fuse our revulsion.  (thus the rather humorous graphics this post has afforded me).

And from Health Freedoms.Org:

“A Chinese Restaurant Association official said that eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag. Due to the seriousness of the matter, he added that there would be an investigation of factories alleged to be producing the rice,” Very Vietnam noted.

And what’s the root of this growing catastrophe?

At the time of the movies release, in classic head-in-the-sand fashion, most of the human race went on blithely reproducing (see the inanity of religious-dogma based “Quiver-Full”) with the industrialized nations over-consuming till today when we are just clicking over 7 billion – way better than twice the 1970 population (and we’re talkin’ getting there in just 40 years folks).  At this rate – which is now plainly impossible to maintain – we’ll be doubled again in less than 30 years – 14+ billion mouths to feed.  This is quite literally not possible as our energy/food production system is already beginning to crash around our heads.

Some More Perspective, The “Village” analogy yet again, updated:

If the world were a village of 100 people…

61 villagers would be Asian (of that, 20 would be Chinese and 17 would be Indian), 14 would be African, 11 would be European, 9 would be Latin or South American, 5 would be North American, and none of the villagers would be from Australia, Oceania, or Antarctica.

At least 18 villagers would be unable to read or write but 33 would have cellular phones and 16 would be online on the Internet.

27 villagers would be under 15 years of age and 7 would be over 64 years old.

There would be an equal number of males and females.

There would be 18 cars in the village.

63 villagers would have inadequate sanitation.

33 villagers would be Christians, 20 would be Muslims, 13 would be Hindus, 6 would be Buddhists, 2 would be atheists, 12 would be non-religious, and the remaining 14 would be members of other religions.

30 villagers would be unemployed or underemployed while of those 70 who would work, 28 would work in agriculture (primary sector), 14 would work in industry (secondary sector), and the remaining 28 would work in the service sector (tertiary sector).

53 villagers would live on less than two U.S. dollars a day.

One villager would have AIDS, 26 villagers would smoke, and 14 villagers would be obese.

By the end of a year, one villager would die and two new villagers would be born so thus the population would climb to 101.

So what’s the upshot of all this?…

…besides the queasy feeling that maybe we won’t be able to obtain the REAL FOOD we all crave in the very near future?

Create a personal awareness of your own over-consumption, work to create local production of REAL FOOD – (like your own gardens and chickens at the very least), and support local agriculture and animal husbandry so you know where your food is coming from and can trust it’s source.

Basically –  stop taking for granted that the store shelves are always abundantly stocked with all the wholesome foods that you want for yourself and your family. To become PROACTIVE in the production and support of the production of REAL FOOD in your own region, local, neighborhood and your own gardens.

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Are YOU creating local REAL FOOD production?

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7 Responses to Next Up: Soylent Green (Soylent White Already in Production…)

  1. Lois says:

    What I suggest is people in third world countries to start using some birth control…take some responsibility. I see many foreigners coming into this country, with many children, at America’s taxpayer’s expense. I’m tired of it…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop all immigration…legal and illegal.

    • daiaravi says:

      Lois, perhaps you take a look at the WHOLE article and the “village” example. My post has nothing whatsoever to do with US immigration legal or otherwise. You clearly have some issues with non-american peoples and you have huge misconceptions about where your “american taxpayer” money is being spent. Do you have ANY CLUE WHATSOEVER how much money is being spent to support the american military complex and wars (illegal terrorism BY the us) happening at this moment?

      But this post is about ALL humans on the planet waking up to the situation we find ourselves in- and although i appreciate your coming here and commenting, perhaps you could take off your blinders, read what the post was actually about, and perhaps consider your own misconceptions about the unrelated, knee-jerk (and veiled-prejudicial) comments you have made.

  2. Somehow, China making plastic rice doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Incidentally, one of the best birth control methods in the world is educating women and elevating their status. Next up, remove the stigma around adoption.

  3. Jun says:

    What a great post!!! This is the first time I have had the pleasure of visiting your site. I am of the age to remember the movie Soylent Green. I have seen it many times, and I too have seen the food production change from year to year. I may not see the change in my life time, but with the grace of God and education of all peoples maybe the world will get the message and understand things MUST change and change soon for the sake of all. My husband and I have tried to do our part, for those that would listen. We have been in alternative health for over 30 years. It has at times been like beating our heads against a wall, there is so much propaganda in all types of media telling people that they are living the good life, and they believe it. Thank you so much for this post, it is a message that must be heard and spread to those that can really hear.

    • daiaravi says:

      yes – like pissing in the wind i’m afraid – and it’s a gale force wind… We’er just putting it out there – those that find it and “get a clue” will and those that won’t – well – so it goes – our best is to share the knowledge and the love – what else? thanks for stopping by!

  4. Jan says:

    EXCELLENT post – I couldn’t agree more about getting involved in the production of your food, and at the very least knowing where it comes from.

    Loved the graphics that went along with it – they made me laugh. “It’s the people.” *snicker*

  5. hellaD says:

    Thanks for sharing with Grain-Free Tuesdays. Funny, I was just talking to my cousin about this–I mean the rice–the other day and guess what she says? “Oh yeah and did you hear about the plastic noodles they were making in China? They were selling them in Burma and people were dying from the noodles tangling up their intestines!”

    Oh my! People will sure do anything for money.

    My man in a movie buff and he made sure I watched Soylent Green. I used to hate watching anything until I met him and then I ended up watching all the strangest things!

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