We are somewhere in New Mexico’s nowhere, a small community of educated, avid off-grid, home schooling, DIY eco-minded people who believe that a good life can be had with an intelligent and intuitive choice of high and low tech, well thought through food and nutrition, creative and efficient living choices, and astute avoidance of modern life’s negatives (pollution, toxins, processed foods, [most] conventional medical interventions, etc.). We live in modestly sized self-built, passive solar high-thermal-mass homes that collect water for most of our water supply.  We have solar and wind electric, composting toilets, wood-fired stoves for heating and solar pre-heaters for our hot water.  We have built a 1500+ square foot  “solar” greenhouse with 6000+ gallons (50,000 lbs) of water for heat-storing season-extension growing, keep chickens for our eggs and are contemplating goats for fresh raw milk.

Through well-analyzed choices for our necessary consumption, we strive, in this blog, for sharing our discoveries and experiences on how to make a “good life”, understanding, of course, that each of our definitions of “a good life” will be a bit different.  We value honest evaluation and a reasoned and moderate approach to interfacing as modestly as possible with today’s over-the-top consumer society.  Our choices are best when they are arrived at not through a singular dogma or fanaticism, but a careful weighing of as many of the possibilities we can integrate which will include personal, ecological, financial and even spiritual considerations.

We are financing this blog adventure with “affiliate” programs and in light of that, we want to **assure** the reader that we are not randomly or for convenience slapping up recommendations/links to products or vendors that we do not trust or believe in.  Our judgements will include blending the ideal and the pragmatic, directing our readers to products and sites that we personally have either bought and used or evaluated as sincerely as we can.

Finally, we are writing and sharing for the **joy** of it – and as a kind of “tithing” to the great flow of energy and information that has helped make our lives rich and full in every way imaginable.  Between all of us, we have many, many decades of life experiences to draw upon. We invite you to join in and enrich this space with your own experiences and links to great information.

Come enjoy and participate!

Sunna, Ravi, Lola and Jack

DaiaSolGaia  Bloggers Pledge:

The Bloggers here at DaiaSolGaia have pledged individually and collectively, to provide much more than just time-killing posts off the top of our heads.  We are **committed** to writing, (in addition to being eminently readable) informative, well-researched and fact-checked blog posts that reflect not only truths from our personal experience, but entries rich with references and links to products and companies that we have ourselves experienced or investigated.

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