The Great Gluten-Free Goof-Game – Are you Playing It?

by Ravi

MMMMMMM, Those delicious almond flour/rice flour pancakes for breakfast today were super! And the gluten-free honey bread sandwiches for lunch? Killer, Mom!  You’ve got the recipe down on that one! And these crispy gluten-free rolls with dinner – YUM!

Sound familiar? Well – you’re playin’

The Great Gluten-Free Goof Game!

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Get Stupid & Get Cancer in Convenient, BPA-lined-Hormone-Disrupting Can

by Ravi

If you have not tossed the cola/soda yet – then this post is my effort to get you to do so and do so NOW.

FIRST, we have the study:

“Brain functional magnetic resonance imaging response to glucose and fructose infusions in human.”

published in the journal:

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Volume 13, Issue 3, pages 229–234, March 2011

which simply states that:

“In normal weight humans, cortical responses to infused glucose are opposite to those of fructose. Differential brain responses to these sugars and their metabolites may provide insight into the neurologic basis for dysregulation of food intake during high dietary fructose intake.”

more detail on how fructose is killing you as you sip your cola

“Death, White & Sweet”, or, “I Thought the Hippies Were Nuts”

by Ravi

It’s 1975 and I’m in North Country Coop on the West Bank in Minneapolis – a naive pre-med student at UofM. Coop’s were pretty “seedy” back then – roughly tossed together and staffed by the real political anti-establishment animals – called hippies.

“Yea, man – that stuff is WHITE DEATH” barked the bearded, ever-so-slightly odorous coop worker in his soiled white apron chatting energetically with another shopper. “People just don’t know – white sugar is government trying to dumb us down and manipulate us – just feed ’em, White Death and you’ve got control!”

“Sheesh,” I though to myself, “what a wacko.”  I bought an odd-looking, lumpy  cookie, trotted out of the store and took a big bite.  “Plaaaaa!” I exclaimed, spitting it out on the sidewalk, the taste being what I imagined a mouthful of peat moss and gravel would offer. Sugar was definitely verboten in that hippi-hollow.

our best picks for healthy, useful sweeteners click here, you sweeet thang…

Paleo-Plus Dental Healing & Health Diet Recommendations

Great set of choppers... for a pig

We here at DaiaSolgaia have had a great success with a dental problem in our community.  Now 3 year old child Lola (not pictured 😉 ) has healed her dental caries and stopped further cavities and we want to share our process and the products we used to succeed with you.

If you landed here on this page without reading our 2 posts about our experience and the research behind them, here they are:

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The “Teeth-Rotting Diet” – It’s What’s For YOUR Lunch


To Hell With Bastardly Dentists:

Dental Healing with Paleo/Primal Diet Plus

by Ravi

Many of us are conceptually incarcerated by decades of  indoctrination to modern dentistry’s revival-tent calls to sit in the dentist chair and “be healed” (and forfeit big bucks doing so).  Dental “care”, dental products and dentifrices are a huge, 100’s of millions of dollars a year business. We’ve been led to believe – like in so many other areas of our lives, that we need holy professionals, in this case the “dental care priests” to pray over us with their high-speed drills in order to keep our teeth past childhood.

It seems inconceivable to learn that, in fact,


learn how to NEVER sit in a dentist chair again – and still have great teeth!

PaleoHydration – Making Water a Tad More Tasty

by Ravi

Mark over at his “Daily Apple” just did a good awareness post on diet sodas, and although he does not come and outright vilify them, his good comments are food (drink?) for thought.

I, on the other hand, am happy to vilify any and all sweetened soda no matter what you use to sweeten it.

Seriously folks, this is one of the most amazingly profitable (and legal!) scams in all of modern marketing history. Take water (and not even good water), toss in some cheap sugar – or even cheaper highly-suspect pretend-sugar, add questionable chemicals to mimic a flavor – all at a total cost of probably less than a cent per can (the canning/bottling/shipping is the most expensive part of the package) and sell resulting pollution for 20 to 100 times it’s cost.  Advertise this liquid atrocity as “the cool drink to drink”, make sure it has some legal, at least mildly-addictive substance in it (too bad they could not still use cocaine, huh?) and literally become pushers of this nutritionally worthless and in fact, highly damaging fluid.  Use your ever-increasing huge profits to further push and addict group after group, generation after generation of people and voila! – you have one of the most amazingly profitable scams in all of modern marketing.

more on the sweet, calorie-free, all sweetener-free tasty water

What is a Primal/Paleo Diet? DaiaSolGaia’s Thoughts…

by Ravi

Ravi and Jack eating out...

We realized that we didn’t have a post detailing what we would describe as paleo-primal type diets. Paleo-primal diets rely heavily on anthropological data and the accompanying assumptions with physiological and biological tidbits thrown in… and mix. The result is that we all have our opinions of the details while there are some central tenants that paleo/primal eaters agree on.

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Herbs to Love: ROSEMARY

Today’s Cooking Herb to Love:

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Description: Rosemary is a perennial herb in the form a bush. It can grow quite bushy about 3 to 4 feet in height. One uses its more tender green leaves for herbal preparations and cooking.

History: Believed to be a gift from Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), it has been known as the herb of remembrance and frequently accompanies weddings (remembering to be true…) and funerals (remembering the dead). Rosemary and Juniper burn to cleanse the air (in hospitals), by the Greeks and Romans in food, distilled in wine or applied as a tincture or tonic for a variety if ills, rosemary has a long and treasured history. It is said to strengthen and invigorate. more pungent herbal reading here

Re-Mineralizing our Food Supply, Healthy Organic Soil from Scratch

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Hello from green-thumb Ravi, (the green-thumb’s a gift of the universe, not a brag!…)

A Big Issue Often Ignored

One of the less-discussed but *very* relevant  discussions of our food supply is the condition of the soil – both for the plant matter do choose to eat and more important to the lacto-paleo crowd, the plant matter the animals eat who nourish us.  Pasture grass-fed is pretty much an *absolute* for those of us who feel that the animal products from ruminants are the most healthy to consume (NO grain fed/finishing). But if their plant food grows on poor soil – what can their bodies be made of (or milk be made of) that we then eat? Ditto on the plants we eat directly.

Jack, Sunna, Lola and I have built our version of a “solar” greenhouse – for those of you who are now scratching your heads in your mind thinking “aren’t ALL greenhouses SOLAR?” – Well yes of course – but the term “Solar Greenhouse” refers to a specific approach to building, orienting, and, most importantly, equipping a growing greenhouse space with passive heat storage in such a way that it will capture and hold the immense amount of sunlight energy and heat that enters during the day in order to have lots of heat in greenhouse thermal mass storage to release during the cold extended-season nights in early spring and late fall (or even winter, depending on your location).

more down and dirty dirt to read here

Healing Tooth Decay: Cod Liver Oil/Butter, Xylitol, Spry Gel & Tooth Powder

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Tooth Decay in 2 year old? But we eat so healthy! ….. or do we?

About one year ago I was shocked to find tooth decay on the front teeth of my daughter. We did not realized how soft tooth enamel is in little children baby teeth and how quickly it can be destroyed. Our research online showed us that other parents have successfully stopped tooth decay in their children’s teeth by radically changing their diet. We were puzzled – what could we do better? Yes, tell me what you did!