MIND-BENDER! Earth NOT “Revolving” Around the Sun (?!?!) Serious Cool Sh*t #10

Yet another of my stupendous school learning down the drain!  This short YT highlights a compelling new theory about our solar system AND universe – and where certain heretofore unexplained physics phenomenons originate.  This is a science nerds post – but easily (mostly)  grasped by us neophytes… COOL!

Serious Cool Sh*t: When Movie Scripts are Spot-On… #9

After running across this almost shockingly-right-on clip for the movie “Good Will Hunting” , it’s frightening to think of how understated even this in-your-face assessment of our secret government is now…

Serious Cool Sh*t #8 – “NO TO GMO” Rap – Damn Good for a Health Blogger!

Good beat, good rap, GREAT MESSAGE!!

Check It Out:

Serious Cool Sh*t#7- What REALLY Motivates People?

RSA (Really Simple Animation) by Cognitive Media produces these truly excellent and compelling simple animations and talks that can really blow you away – this one tells you about how we are motivated – and it’s NOT what you think:

Serious Cool Sh*t #6- Conformity, An Intelligent look at Being Different

by Ravi

I snicker now, that in my high school year book I listed my “pet peeve” as conforming non-conformists. I believe that my attitude was towards the “non-conformist” hippies that all tried to look like, well, non-conformist hippies!

This Theramin Trees series is really excellent, with their other posts being compelling and articulate as well – try this one out and see if you are truly not just being a sheeple…

S.C.Sh*t #5 – Even Soldiers are WAKING UP – PLEASE WATCH

Please, just watch:

Serious Cool Sh*t #4: **INCREDIBLE** Sea Animals w/David Gallo on TED

Here’s a wonderful short segment from TED talks online with David Gallo showing us some fantastic animals and their abilities – especially the incredible octopus at the end will blow you away!

Another reminder that we don’t know sh*t about the oceans and will never know if we destroy them and their life forms.


Serious Cool Sh*t #3- BBC Human Planet Trailer

No need to explain BBC Productions are just the best!

If you have not seen this (or watch again) turn up the volume and go full screen! ENJOY!

Serious Cool Sh*t #2- Tenacious DNA – Damn Gorgeous Collage

Wasn’t sure if this should be in “Serious Cool Shit” or “Fun Cool Shit” but upon watching again, serious won out. A flat-out gorgeous collage spliced together by a “tenacious” film artisan derived from a variety of Nat. Geo. specials, Planet Earth, and lots more. Woven into a compelling (and disturbing) piece. Enjoy!

Serious Cool Sh*t #1- Permaculture Reviving Detroit

Here is a new category for us – we realize that spreading the word about really cool new developments in our world – POSITIVE things that give hope and promise.  The ugliness and corruption – which certainly needs to be exposed so we can take appropriate actions – needs to be balanced with the information about the better efforts of humanity – our wish and work to make the world healthier and happier.

Here is our first offering – a slice of light for one of the most economically ravaged cities in the country – Detroit.  Thanks to “Permaculture Politics” for bringing this to our attention!