I’m Ravi, partner of Sunna, papa to Lola and close friend and community mate to Jack.  “They” tell me I’m 56 years old – I can see how that could be true, but on the other hand, it’s a concept that only registers in the intellect rather than in the being – what I feel to be changes with the weather, the time of day and exactly how cooperative 3 year old Lola is being at any given moment.

But – I guess some facts are facts as far as this reality is concerned, and so I’ve become a lot more conscious of how I conduct my moment-to-moment life, what I put in my physical and spiritual body and what effect I have on my loved ones (who include Gaia, Mother to us all).

My interests are across the board and sometimes nothing at all but to sit still (something at which I am not so good). Music, good nutritious food, growing and nurturing living plants and creatures, solving practical puzzles of everyday life and mostly, enjoying Sunna and Lola (and Jack!) are my pastimes, present times and who knows the future.

My purpose here in the DaiaSolGaia blog is to pass on to the universe and whoever in it who cares to listen, some of what I think are my pertinent experiences and to offer specks of knowledge that may assist someone else – anyone else, to move beyond whatever are their next steps in life – and in such sharing, learning how little I actually know and how much I can keep learning.

Glad you have dropped in – hope you glean something from our blog that enriches your life, if only by a drop in the ocean.



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