I have been on this planet in this physical manifestation for 36 years, the last 10 of which I have spent with my partner and lover Ravi. 3 years ago we were joined by a brilliant spirit in the form of little girl. She is a joy and a challenge and has helped make me and Ravi even more aware of how wrong conventional wisdom is in most cases – mainly food and medicine, but also in the way energy is used. Having a child made it so urgent to really know and to carefully evaluate who we get our information from. I believe that we invent ourselves in every moment and I want to do it based on the best of information I can get.

The Internet has helped us – is helping us – tremendously in finding out what the facts really are. Having learned so much from other people sharing their truths and experiences and their own research we feel that it is time now to share our own piece. This blog is in a way a Thank You to everyone that has given their time, love and energy so that we could be more enlightened about the nature of things.

Ravi and I felt that we now are at a point in our lives, as parents and partners and lovers, to share our experience. Jack joined us and what you get is called DaiaSolGaia. Daia standing for the buddhist principle of Compassion. Sol standing for the Sun, the above, the spiritual and practical male principle, Gaia standing for the grounded, female principle below.

We all hope you will join us on this adventure – we are looking forward to a conversation with you – please leave your comments.

Thank you & With Love,


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