Paleolithic Julia Child…. Who Woulda Thought…? Fun Cool Sh*t #9

OK – so she was most definitely NOT a paleo/primal diet advocate, what with all them faaaaaany Frenchie grain-flour/sugar delights – but here’s an old and very amusing segment from her appearance on a very-young David Letterman show – and THIS recipe is paleo…(almost)

Chilled Coconut Cranberry Crunch Treats with Xylitol

Chilled Coconut Cranberry Macadamia Crunch Treats

Sweet treats are not-so-easy for paleo diet followers – sugar was not very available to our evolutionary ancestors and eating too much – if any – sugar is recognized as not very healthy (refined sugar absolutely a no no) .  Xylitol has emerged as a pretty good compromise/substitute for the nasty white death sugar that we have unfortunately become used to. It also has the fortunate side benefit of NOT promoting – and even discouraging – dental caries. Finally (seems too good to be true…) xylitol does not spike insulin/blood sugar level as it is not digested until later, and more slowly, in the digestive track – so this treat is very kid friendly (no sugar-rush hyperactivity!)

find out how to make the yummy treat click here

Chocolate-Coconut-Butter Bites, Paleo or not – Here They Come…

We are just now getting started to compile and post our favorite DaiaSolGaia Real Food Paleo-Inspired Recipes – here’s the 1st of many to come –

by Ravi

Ok – so Jack came up with this but refuses to blog a recipe (somthin’ about his delicate manhood-liness??). But I am more androgynous I guess – or better said – I am more “in touch with my feminine side”. 😉

It’s just that this is sooooo damn good and soooo damn easy we had to share it. When I was a kid – I **loved** these little chocolate-sugar bombs called “Ice Cubes” cause the chocolate was so smooth and melty in your mouth – and kinda icy tasting cause of the quick-melting creaminess – this is the adult, paleo version of that.  You just don’t miss the sugar content at all with the coconut oil and cream (and butter) in the mix.

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