“Don’t Put Food In THAT!” or, ALL Plastics Will Get Ya!

by Ravi

Gawd how we love our Lock’n Lock food storage containers – How humans over the ages ever got along without these is a mystery to us.   Old, miserable  Tupperware (burp!) is to these great containers as a horse-drawn sledge is to a minivan!

(I have to laugh at that pic I found – look at all that horrific food-like stuff in there!)

There is only one teeeensy weeensy problem, they’re made of…

PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)

learn why good old glass is best in your kitchen

On Fear-Mongering, Love, & the Ilks of Icke

by Ravi, with guest writer, Timothy Wyllie

As is often the case when chatting with our dear friend Timothy, lots of varied and interesting subjects cross our discussions – and the new age personality, David Icke has been mentioned.   Timothy recently was writing to an email contact regarding Icke, and T’s observations were so astute, I wanted to share them here.

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The Tax On Dumb Poor People, Bought YOUR Lotto Ticket Today?

by Ravi

“Oh Damn!” I said – frustrated that my memory was so lousy, “we’re almost back to the highway and I need gas – there’s not any stations ahead”.  I swung the car around – Lola’s head already bobbing as sleep overtook her after an oh- so-very-exciting 3rd birthday party (her first birthday party).

At the first quick-stop gas station I pulled in and dragged my tired daddy self into the  junk food-like-substance crammed isles of the harsh fluorescent-lit  “convenience” store. (every wonder what was “convenient” about a store full of truly horrible, fake foods, health-debilitating sugar/HFCS drinks and worthless junk products?  I guess keeping them in one place where we can effective ignore them IS convenient – at least for some of us…) .

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The Great Gluten-Free Goof-Game – Are you Playing It?

by Ravi

MMMMMMM, Those delicious almond flour/rice flour pancakes for breakfast today were super! And the gluten-free honey bread sandwiches for lunch? Killer, Mom!  You’ve got the recipe down on that one! And these crispy gluten-free rolls with dinner – YUM!

Sound familiar? Well – you’re playin’

The Great Gluten-Free Goof Game!

Learn All Bout the GOOF GAME click here

Awaken Your Intuition – It WILL Save You, No Joke!

by Sunna

If you ever went to an institutional school (public, private, parochial), then using your intuition was one of the first of your natural human capabilities that was trained (or scared or beaten) out of you. And yet it is the one sense that gave humans much of their ability to survive over hundreds of thousands of years and helped them trust their natural instincts. The powers to be most certainly don’t want you powerful and all-knowing.

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Get Stupid & Get Cancer in Convenient, BPA-lined-Hormone-Disrupting Can

by Ravi

If you have not tossed the cola/soda yet – then this post is my effort to get you to do so and do so NOW.

FIRST, we have the study:

“Brain functional magnetic resonance imaging response to glucose and fructose infusions in human.”

published in the journal:

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Volume 13, Issue 3, pages 229–234, March 2011

which simply states that:

“In normal weight humans, cortical responses to infused glucose are opposite to those of fructose. Differential brain responses to these sugars and their metabolites may provide insight into the neurologic basis for dysregulation of food intake during high dietary fructose intake.”

more detail on how fructose is killing you as you sip your cola

Vit D: Big Pharma Dumbing Down and Confounding the Discussion

by Ravi
There is simply no question that our natural-health arch-nemesis Big Pharma is behind the huge dis-information campaign against natural vitamin D including the (absurd) reduced daily recommendations recently issued by the  IOM (U.S. Institute of Medicine).  Here is a very insightful review of what our world’s REAL drug pushers are up to. Reader comments below this article are also quite valuable.

Big Pharma is clearly re-doubling its efforts to further diminish our natural herb/supplement use on the American side of the pond as we approach the implementation of the disastrous Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) which virtually outlaws all non-western herbal remedies throughout Europe – yes – all!  And the SAME contingent is hard at work trying to get YOUR herbs outlawed here in the US.

Excellent article on this nefarious connection click here

Serious to Lose Weight? then LEARN TO SHOP!

by The DaiaSolGaia Community

Wanna be more successful losing weight?

Then get real.  Having foods around that are NOT part of your program (ANYWHERE in the house or within reach) is tempting fate – or worse yet – tempting your questionable will power (you are over-weight after all, yes?…)

Success going Paleo/Primal to lose weight (Paleo/Primal diet explained here) is no different than success with any other venture in your life – you must decide, choose your path and put you mind and will to the task!  Happily, the wonder of the paleo diet is that, although there are “rules” on what NOT to eat, what you CAN eat is immensely satisfying, delicious, and you really do not have to “count calories”.

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Getting “The Skinny” on Getting Skinny With the Paleo/Primal Diet

by Ravi

If you click around the Paleo/Primal Diet world, it’s pretty hard to miss all the exceptional stories of weight loss and, in fact, that many people try and love the paleo diet for that very reason (besides all the great tasting food you get to eat!).

It takes a bit of mental gymnastics to “get” this one central premise (after a generation of bad conditioning) – but …

eating meat and fat DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT!*

*unless (of course) you are stuffing down several Big Macs and a shake combining refined carbs, sugar and cheap fatty meat all in one horrid meal!

some **amazing** success before and after pics click here

The Stinking Rose a Smelly Sham? – Garlic’s Obscure Shadow

by Ravi

LIES! Here’s the TRUTH! Urban Myth! Garlic is Great! Garlic is a NEUROTOXIN! Garlic CURES ALL DISEASE! Garlic de-synchronizes your brain! Eat garlic everyday! Don’t eat garlic!

Don’t ya just love the internet?

I just recently had an e-mail exchange with an interesting man who brought to my attention a respected researcher’s seriously negative comments about garlic. In an effort to present you (dear reader…) with some “real” information, and also because, like most avid cooks, I have many forms of garlic in my seasoning arsenal and have consumed garlic liberally for years, I definitely wanted to see if there was any substance to the claim that there are compounds in garlic that are neuro-toxic (!!??). Consider,  as recounted in my recent sugar article here – I was brought up on refined white sugar and would have argued like hell with you 25 years ago if you had suggested that this white death was in fact, white death!  I’ve had to accept that my life-long attitude towards sugar has changed with the new information I have learned – so, what about garlic?

What did I find out about the infamous, much loved Stinking Rose?

Very compelling stuff actually. And not all rosy-smelling.

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