“Don’t Put Food In THAT!” or, ALL Plastics Will Get Ya!

by Ravi

Gawd how we love our Lock’n Lock food storage containers – How humans over the ages ever got along without these is a mystery to us.   Old, miserable  Tupperware (burp!) is to these great containers as a horse-drawn sledge is to a minivan!

(I have to laugh at that pic I found – look at all that horrific food-like stuff in there!)

There is only one teeeensy weeensy problem, they’re made of…

PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)

learn why good old glass is best in your kitchen

Death Glow, Your Child’s EMF Cell Phone “Aura”

by Ravi

Do you let your child/young adult use a cell phone?

What the hell is wrong with you – are you living under a rock?

The dangers of cell phones use ESPECIALLY BY CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE is no longer a “absurd idea” or “radical” position as the industry selling you cell phones has maintained in the face of ever-damning studies and reports for the last 20 years.


click here to watch the video THE GLOW around your cell phone children

The Great Gluten-Free Goof-Game – Are you Playing It?

by Ravi

MMMMMMM, Those delicious almond flour/rice flour pancakes for breakfast today were super! And the gluten-free honey bread sandwiches for lunch? Killer, Mom!  You’ve got the recipe down on that one! And these crispy gluten-free rolls with dinner – YUM!

Sound familiar? Well – you’re playin’

The Great Gluten-Free Goof Game!

Learn All Bout the GOOF GAME click here

“Shunning” Whole Foods, (and you don’t have to be Amish)

Web Definition: “Shunning”

“Shunning is the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group. It is a sanction against association often associated with religious groups and other tightly-knit organizations and communities. Practiced by the Amish as a kind of social punishment  for improper behavior.”

by Ravi

As little as 6 months ago, we were (somewhat reservedly) defending Whole Foods as  a kind of only and last choice for at least SOME conscious food shopping experience.

How things can change.

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“ParadigmShift” BlogShare #2 MARCH 2011 – Please Add Your Related BlogPost!

DaiaSolGaia announces:

For MARCH 2011

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The Stinking Rose a Smelly Sham? – Garlic’s Obscure Shadow

by Ravi

LIES! Here’s the TRUTH! Urban Myth! Garlic is Great! Garlic is a NEUROTOXIN! Garlic CURES ALL DISEASE! Garlic de-synchronizes your brain! Eat garlic everyday! Don’t eat garlic!

Don’t ya just love the internet?

I just recently had an e-mail exchange with an interesting man who brought to my attention a respected researcher’s seriously negative comments about garlic. In an effort to present you (dear reader…) with some “real” information, and also because, like most avid cooks, I have many forms of garlic in my seasoning arsenal and have consumed garlic liberally for years, I definitely wanted to see if there was any substance to the claim that there are compounds in garlic that are neuro-toxic (!!??). Consider,  as recounted in my recent sugar article here – I was brought up on refined white sugar and would have argued like hell with you 25 years ago if you had suggested that this white death was in fact, white death!  I’ve had to accept that my life-long attitude towards sugar has changed with the new information I have learned – so, what about garlic?

What did I find out about the infamous, much loved Stinking Rose?

Very compelling stuff actually. And not all rosy-smelling.

some not-so-sweet words about stinky stinky garlic click here

Numbing Our Children’s Minds, Imprisioning Their Bodies – The True Goals of Our Entrenched Educational System

by Ravi and Sunna

Having a child is – if one takes it seriously on all levels – simply revelatory.  One’s choices for oneself are one category of decision making, but the choices you make for your child, well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

In raising a child to the point of its own ability to choose, you are, quite plainly,  making daily God-like choices for that infinitely-impressionable creature that will undoubtedly impact them their entire life.  It’s not so much the heavy “responsibility” that weighs on your soul, but rather a more hopeful wish – the wish that your child will essentially “stand on your shoulders”, seeing more, learning more and achieving a more spiritually evolved state than you had the opportunity to in this life.

Please read on to meet a remarkable man, John Taylor Gatto

Serious Cool Sh*t #6- Conformity, An Intelligent look at Being Different

by Ravi

I snicker now, that in my high school year book I listed my “pet peeve” as conforming non-conformists. I believe that my attitude was towards the “non-conformist” hippies that all tried to look like, well, non-conformist hippies!

This Theramin Trees series is really excellent, with their other posts being compelling and articulate as well – try this one out and see if you are truly not just being a sheeple…

Chocolate-Coconut-Butter Bites, Paleo or not – Here They Come…

We are just now getting started to compile and post our favorite DaiaSolGaia Real Food Paleo-Inspired Recipes – here’s the 1st of many to come –

by Ravi

Ok – so Jack came up with this but refuses to blog a recipe (somthin’ about his delicate manhood-liness??). But I am more androgynous I guess – or better said – I am more “in touch with my feminine side”. 😉

It’s just that this is sooooo damn good and soooo damn easy we had to share it. When I was a kid – I **loved** these little chocolate-sugar bombs called “Ice Cubes” cause the chocolate was so smooth and melty in your mouth – and kinda icy tasting cause of the quick-melting creaminess – this is the adult, paleo version of that.  You just don’t miss the sugar content at all with the coconut oil and cream (and butter) in the mix.

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Fun Cool Sh*t #1- Check Out This Amazing Creature Creativity!

Here’s a new feature of DaiaSolGaia:


There are some things that come across our path that are just waaaay to cool not to share – they may or may not be related to our subjects – but we found them to represent a passion for creativity, light, love and life!

Here’s our first offering: ENJOY!