Paleo Resources

Others have already well-detailed their ideas and beliefs about the “paleo” style diet – we’ve read lots and have then merged all the varying ideas into our own lacto-paleo style diet (with the obligatory little “cheats”…).  We’re pretty consistent but not dogmatic with our approach.  Here’s  some of the better explanations of the Paleo/Primal diet we have found. As always – you can make your own decisions accordingly!

and who can leave out Mighty Mark Sisson (:-) )

There are also books of course:

Robb Wolfs Paleo Solution
Loren Cordain’s Paleo Diet
Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint
NeanderThin CaveMan Diet
… and don’t miss these very excellent related books by Gary Taubes (not specifically paleo reads – but supports one of the major tenants of the paleo diet-style – very low carb)
Why We Get Fat
Good Calories Bad Calories
and also excellent (aimed more at weight loss), Dr. Michael Eades book:
Protein Power (also a good primer on paleo eating)

And then there are the Paleo/Primal Diet Cookbooks:
Primal Blueprint Cookbook
Paleo Cookbooks Offer
Paleo Nutrition Guidebook
Cordains Paleo Diet Cookbook
EveryDay Paleo

And One More With Comment:

This Cookbook is actually **excellent** in so many ways except 2. Being that it is not a paleo/primal cookbook per say, and all that is (almost) forgiven with this caveat: it has too much about grains (a paleo no-no) and is waaaay too lenient about sugar. The dairy (a lacto-paleo diet item) is hotly debated in paleo circles – we “do dairy” and have found the Nourishing Traditions cookbook has very good stuff on dairy, excellent meat prep, good pro-biotic fermenting ideas and in general (again, save for the grains and sugar stuff) is a hefty volume packed with good recipes.

Nourishing Traditions

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