On Fear-Mongering, Love, & the Ilks of Icke

by Ravi, with guest writer, Timothy Wyllie

As is often the case when chatting with our dear friend Timothy, lots of varied and interesting subjects cross our discussions – and the new age personality, David Icke has been mentioned.   Timothy recently was writing to an email contact regarding Icke, and T’s observations were so astute, I wanted to share them here.

It triggers a consideration of the difference between “fear-mongering” (which we hope we are not guilty of here on Daiasolgaia) and “shock blogging” which I think we try to do all the time… (;-) ). After all, it’s a media-overload crowded-message world and we’d like to get our voice noticed – and we’ve decided that, except for getting a little focused on the miserable trends in the world, we’re basically trying to wake people up to what’s going on and how to improve their health and well-being and, in essence, to share the love for being the best we can be.

So, without further adieu, here is Timothy Wyllies’ excellent summary of our odd, new-age, (fear mongering….)  sensation David Icke:

One of the casualties of the new age. A young football player with
no spiritual or psychological background, transfers his ambitions to
writing; brings all his fears and personal demons to the party,
believes they’re external to himself and finds a rich vein of
stupidity he can feed with his fearful images and absurd beliefs.

He is going to be very shamefaced when he finally wakes up–which
probably won’t be until he falls off his perch. He’s run into the
perennial problem facing all novices (I doubt if he’s ever done
entheogens for example) of not knowing the difference between what
he’s projecting onto the world and what is really there. Sadly,
this makes a fertile turf for paranoid self-fulfilling prophesies.

Phil Dick went bananas when he hit chapel perilous–Crowley too…
and another one bit the dust.

Shorthand way of assessing input for which there is no clear
evidence: is it fear based, or loved based? Doesn’t mean horrible
things aren’t out there, but they can be understood and seen
through a lens of mercy and loving forgiveness, or they can be used
to stir up more fear. Very simple really.

The Icke’s of the world do serve a function. Like bottom feeders
they pick up their fearful audience already inclined to believe the
worst and by feeding them with even more reason to believe in their
fears, they will propel one out of a thousand people in their
audience to realize the absurdity of projecting their fears and
they’ll wake up. It’s a dirty business, but some poor sucker has to
do it.

Reminds me of the story of the guy who God chooses to be his
messiah. Man says (not unreasonably–we’ve all said it)
“Why me, God?”
God replies. “Because you’re so gullible.”
“Nough said

You can learn a little more about

Timothy here at his official website.

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