Sexuality As Barter: Not A Good Idea

by Sunna

Ladies, I propose …

That next time you have a chance to get laid (especially after you haven’t been laid for a while) by an attractive guy and the atmosphere is good and you are horny… then DO IT. Stop thinking you have to first find out “where this all is going”.

In general, if you want to have a fulfilled sex life, it is advisable to give yourself when you feel you want to and not hold yourself back. Give yourself as a gift, without ever asking for anything in return (spoken or unspoken). There is nothing sexier for a guy than a strong woman expressing what she wants. If a guy gets frightened when you are yourself and ends up running away – – you are much better off. The ones running away from authentic self-expression are, in my experience, not the guys you want to spend much time with, especially not “the rest of your life”.

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