Herbs to Love: SAGE Smudging, a Ritual for Cleansing Body & Spirit

I come from a catholic background – a fairly open minded one (which, in a way, is not saying much) but a catholic one. I have never been part of the catholic church as an adult (although I went through the childhood rituals), I clearly knew when I was 18 that this was not mine and opted to get out – because where I come from in Europe you are catholic by birth, if your parents are catholic, there never really is a choice, you have to actively “leave” a system that you have never joined on your own accord.

Understanding how much evil that the catholic system has spread through the centuries now only confirms what I felt then already. There is no space for this kind of power-mongering religious domination on this planet anymore. We are now responsible for our own understanding of the visible and invisible worlds that we move through. Nobody has a right to tell us what is right to believe (especially not a creepy pope).

Nonetheless, my spiritual mindset is a christian one, when I talk about angels, I call them “angels” and not devas. But same same (as the Thai people like to say).

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Herbs to Love: ROSEMARY

Today’s Cooking Herb to Love:

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Description: Rosemary is a perennial herb in the form a bush. It can grow quite bushy about 3 to 4 feet in height. One uses its more tender green leaves for herbal preparations and cooking.

History: Believed to be a gift from Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), it has been known as the herb of remembrance and frequently accompanies weddings (remembering to be true…) and funerals (remembering the dead). Rosemary and Juniper burn to cleanse the air (in hospitals), by the Greeks and Romans in food, distilled in wine or applied as a tincture or tonic for a variety if ills, rosemary has a long and treasured history. It is said to strengthen and invigorate. more pungent herbal reading here