1984 Cometh Still

by Ravi

1984, The Movie

Today I was messing with our SEO keywords and doing some searches to see how and where DaiaSolGaia was getting linked and I ran across a curious phenomenon – someone lifted a comment of mine from below a Mercola article – a mini-rant on forced GMO foods and mandatory vaccines.  I had rather forgotten it as it was a spur-of-the-moment thing —

But after seeing it re-posted on several other blogs, I decided I would share it here, with minor clarifications, on our own blog – it’s not special or well written – just how I see, in my less-than-hopeful moments, what is happening to us either by design or by default. Hope it’s not too cynical… or too late.

Step by step instructions to control a population:

summary of how to create a totalitarian state click here

Ultra-Self-Responsibility – The Only Way Open Relationships Can Work.

by Ravi
Here’s the premise: Your partner, with whom you are direct, loving and  honest, is “with” someone else tonight. You discussed it, you both agreed to go with it. So, she/he left at 7pm – it’s 10:30 now. You are watching (trying to watch) a movie. Your 3 year old is tucked in sleeping soundly. With the movie on mute, the house is quiet – so quiet you can hear your mind clicking over and over, trying to “decide” what to do with this. It’s the first time for you – but she/he has been there before – when YOU were out on a date.  She/he didn’t freak – was really cool – happy you had a good time, could talk about her/his fears.

But now in the same boat, you are on the verge of panic. What do you do?

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