Next Up: Soylent Green (Soylent White Already in Production…)

by Ravi
You may just want to check out where your rice is coming from.

I’m old enough to remember the shock and awe at the sci-fi flik “Soylent Green” where good ‘ol Chas Heston discovered that the food solution for the over-crowded, polluted and no longer productive earth was to re-process the dead and dying into “Soylent Green” chips – food from the bodies of the dead.

It was truly a “camp” film and it quickly became¬† (and still is) a kind of classic symbol of our over-crowded earth, the stretching of our limited resources by rampant, unthinking over-population. The thing is – back in the 1970’s it was still campy sci-fi.¬† The world population was just clicking over 3 billion and although for those who were paying attention, the red flags were starting to pop up regarding over-population, underproduction of food, crop failures and starvation, most people were complacent and happily ignorant.

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