On Fear-Mongering, Love, & the Ilks of Icke

by Ravi, with guest writer, Timothy Wyllie

As is often the case when chatting with our dear friend Timothy, lots of varied and interesting subjects cross our discussions – and the new age personality, David Icke has been mentioned.   Timothy recently was writing to an email contact regarding Icke, and T’s observations were so astute, I wanted to share them here.

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Ultra-Self-Responsibility – The Only Way Open Relationships Can Work.

by Ravi
Here’s the premise: Your partner, with whom you are direct, loving and  honest, is “with” someone else tonight. You discussed it, you both agreed to go with it. So, she/he left at 7pm – it’s 10:30 now. You are watching (trying to watch) a movie. Your 3 year old is tucked in sleeping soundly. With the movie on mute, the house is quiet – so quiet you can hear your mind clicking over and over, trying to “decide” what to do with this. It’s the first time for you – but she/he has been there before – when YOU were out on a date.  She/he didn’t freak – was really cool – happy you had a good time, could talk about her/his fears.

But now in the same boat, you are on the verge of panic. What do you do?

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