Sexually & Emotionally Open Relationships: Boondoogle or Bliss….?

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Mention “open relationships” to most anyone who you try to initiate this subject with, and holographic images instantly start to spin around the conversation, full-color, dense, almost tangible scenarios of sexually-charged content.

Those things I can see you’re thinking,” you want to say, swatting at the steamy scenes buzzing like a persistent horsefly, “well, that’s more about swinging and sex than what I mean by open relating“.   But your words are already lost as you conversation partner has perceived they have become – intriguingly or scared-to-death – your sexual interest without you having any intention of the kind. If it’s not that – then the scenes are arising from their own repressed desires and un-fulfilled curiosities about partners – one or many – that they cannot possibly perceive they will ever experience.  With that realization, fear, resentment and despair cannot help but enter as they back off the conversation with a face full of mixed emotions.

Such is the state of broaching the “polyamory” subject with most folks – and it’s a sad statement about our increasingly distanced intimacy with one another in modern society- our inability to connect, discuss and share about things face-to-face  – intimate things we all think about but are too up tight with social politeness… or fear to put to words in sharing.

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