The Tax On Dumb Poor People, Bought YOUR Lotto Ticket Today?

by Ravi

“Oh Damn!” I said – frustrated that my memory was so lousy, “we’re almost back to the highway and I need gas – there’s not any stations ahead”.  I swung the car around – Lola’s head already bobbing as sleep overtook her after an oh- so-very-exciting 3rd birthday party (her first birthday party).

At the first quick-stop gas station I pulled in and dragged my tired daddy self into the  junk food-like-substance crammed isles of the harsh fluorescent-lit  “convenience” store. (every wonder what was “convenient” about a store full of truly horrible, fake foods, health-debilitating sugar/HFCS drinks and worthless junk products?  I guess keeping them in one place where we can effective ignore them IS convenient – at least for some of us…) .

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