An Antidote for Constant Bad News…

This week’s been a doozie packed with more depressing news about the world, our food etc etc.

Take a few minutes and explore a little art and the beauty in animated storytelling…


Next Up: Soylent Green (Soylent White Already in Production…)

by Ravi
You may just want to check out where your rice is coming from.

I’m old enough to remember the shock and awe at the sci-fi flik “Soylent Green” where good ‘ol Chas Heston discovered that the food solution for the over-crowded, polluted and no longer productive earth was to re-process the dead and dying into “Soylent Green” chips – food from the bodies of the dead.

It was truly a “camp” film and it quickly became  (and still is) a kind of classic symbol of our over-crowded earth, the stretching of our limited resources by rampant, unthinking over-population. The thing is – back in the 1970’s it was still campy sci-fi.  The world population was just clicking over 3 billion and although for those who were paying attention, the red flags were starting to pop up regarding over-population, underproduction of food, crop failures and starvation, most people were complacent and happily ignorant.

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RADIOACTIVITY MONITORING FOR CITIZENS – Keeping as Clean as We Can (despite our lackey government)

Here are some links to help you do your best a keeping clean from the inevitable fallout that we will receive from the developing situation in Japan’s power plant.  As of this moment – Sunday night March 20th, it seems that (at least by some accounts) the Japanese have supposedly regained some control over the situation, cooling 2 of the 3 reactors that were on the edge.

Currently the release of radiation seems to be marginal – however since “official” sources are pretty much crap, misleading and trying to get you to forget this ever happened, we put our heads together to find out realistically what we could do.

Much to our (happy) surprise, we have found several online volunteer, citizen monitoring sites that are pretty cool – and probably the very best way for all of us to monitor the situation as far as fallout in our regions – certainly we’re not going to get any honesty from our government.

There’s plenty of advice on how to deal with the iodine issue online – but good luck finding any products left at this point – the easiest/still available is kelp/seaweed and it looks like the radiation amounts we will be dealing with in this country (the US) will be small enough that actual potassium iodide will not be at all necessary.


Here’s the 2 monitoring stations we found – both operate in real time. If we see significant increases, we’ll disconnect our water collecting, cover our compost piles and eat lots of seaweed/kelp.  We’re blessed with the greenhouse – it will protect quite some in the case of radioactive rain that would otherwise contaminate the crops.

Online Geiger Counter #1

Online Geiger Counter #2 – Radiation Network

Keep safe everyone, and do a meditation/prayer for the Japanese.


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WTF? POLICE-FARM-STATE? The Fading Constitution…

Had to toss this one up if you are interested at all in civil liberties and truth-in-farming (big ag farms that is)…

Florida Lawmaker Wants To Make Farm Photos Illegal

The Tax On Dumb Poor People, Bought YOUR Lotto Ticket Today?

by Ravi

“Oh Damn!” I said – frustrated that my memory was so lousy, “we’re almost back to the highway and I need gas – there’s not any stations ahead”.  I swung the car around – Lola’s head already bobbing as sleep overtook her after an oh- so-very-exciting 3rd birthday party (her first birthday party).

At the first quick-stop gas station I pulled in and dragged my tired daddy self into the  junk food-like-substance crammed isles of the harsh fluorescent-lit  “convenience” store. (every wonder what was “convenient” about a store full of truly horrible, fake foods, health-debilitating sugar/HFCS drinks and worthless junk products?  I guess keeping them in one place where we can effective ignore them IS convenient – at least for some of us…) .

click here to find out your chances of getting hit by lightning (hint:better than winning…)

Octopus Love: Oktapodi, Adorable Oscar Nominanated Animated Short, FCS #12

It’s just sweet, cute and funny cartoon – a delightful few minutes break from your day! (Kids will love it too…)

Video: Why GMOs Are Scary: 10 Minutes You Should See…

To be candid, we did not know all these details about how GMOs are created – and it’s not good, o no sireee–

Be more educated in your discussions about this issue watch now:

Death Glow, Your Child’s EMF Cell Phone “Aura”

by Ravi

Do you let your child/young adult use a cell phone?

What the hell is wrong with you – are you living under a rock?

The dangers of cell phones use ESPECIALLY BY CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE is no longer a “absurd idea” or “radical” position as the industry selling you cell phones has maintained in the face of ever-damning studies and reports for the last 20 years.


click here to watch the video THE GLOW around your cell phone children

The Great Gluten-Free Goof-Game – Are you Playing It?

by Ravi

MMMMMMM, Those delicious almond flour/rice flour pancakes for breakfast today were super! And the gluten-free honey bread sandwiches for lunch? Killer, Mom!  You’ve got the recipe down on that one! And these crispy gluten-free rolls with dinner – YUM!

Sound familiar? Well – you’re playin’

The Great Gluten-Free Goof Game!

Learn All Bout the GOOF GAME click here

Awaken Your Intuition – It WILL Save You, No Joke!

by Sunna

If you ever went to an institutional school (public, private, parochial), then using your intuition was one of the first of your natural human capabilities that was trained (or scared or beaten) out of you. And yet it is the one sense that gave humans much of their ability to survive over hundreds of thousands of years and helped them trust their natural instincts. The powers to be most certainly don’t want you powerful and all-knowing.

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