Coming as fast as we can – we’ll be adding categorized links to resources and blogs here!

Compelling Multi-Subject Blogs:

Mercola – if ya don’t know Doc Mercola’s , you must be living under a rock… 😉 kinda preachy, kinda quirky, kinda selling his stuff – but regularly worth some attention.

Hunt Gather Love – Sunna really enjoys the woman-related discussions here

Paleo/Primal Diet, layman-style blogs:

Marks Daily Apple – informative, balanced,  sportive type, sellin’ his books

Paleo/Primal Diet, medical/tech/science nerd blogs:

The Whole Health Source Stephen’s analysis are *very* useful indeed – always well-presented, more science-y than layman, but he never talks down to you – great stuff.

Ned Kock’ Blogs (Health Correlator) – Ned is great – thoughtful and waaaay more technical and knowledgeable that any of us here ever hope to be – but he gets his points across even if yer just a layman.

Hyperlipid – Petro does some excellent blogs that may shoot over your head if you’re not a med/science nerd – but they are very good none-the-less.

Primal Wisdom – Don’s well-done blogs are thoughtful, well-referenced, readable and pragmatically useful

PaNu Blog Kurt Harris MD – a tad arrogant, outspoken, BUT, intelligent, oft-technical, quite interesting with good info, *great* info on grains, carbs

General Alternative Health: – a deeply informative health resource created by Sayer Ji with a creative and easily accessible interface providing excellent resources and research/trial information, A site we’re still exploring…

Weston Price Foundation- a “must” for anyone interested in a (mostly) good presentation of myth-breaking food and nutrition issues (just ignore their use of grains!)


Off-Grid: Free Yourself– a multi-resource for off-gridders and off-grid wannabes



Solar Energy:


Cheesemaking Fiasco Farms



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