Cool, Wierd & Wacky News – 5 Attention-Get’ers from this Week

First up we have a seemingly innocuous invention that Neil Foster sees something more sinister in- :

Extra Chips in the Fridge Could Put You in Chains: RFID Tracking of Your Food Ration Coming Soon!

But we’re not living is a police state are we? The state seems to think so and is preparing to protect itself from YOU:

America’s New Weapon Against The Citizenry

Need something more uplifting after all that? How about from Humans are Free:

The Pineal Gland – The “Seat of the Soul”?

Having to cope with a disaster seems more likely these days – how you view your ancestry could determine how well you do:

Hunter-Gatherer Vs. Agrarian: A Comparison of Disaster Coping Strategies

And finally, for the ladies (or the gay men…) some good info when planning your next vacation… or move:

Penis sizes worldwide: Yeah, there’s a map for that

… and do enjoy your weekend!