Peeing in Yogurt Containers, The Romance of Off-Grid Living

By Jack
(this is a re-post – Jack wrote this early on in our blogging effort just a couple months back and it did not get the attention it deserves…)

We were hangin’ last week laughing about all the “romantic” things that turn out not – the constant “grass is always greener” kind of imagining about living this way or that, and the more seriously unfortunate romantic notions like eager young men going off to fight in a war for “an honorable cause” only to come home (if they’re lucky) with post-traumatic stress disorder and painfully disillusioned.

Well, living off-grid has not so much life-death drama (well, can have…) but many off-grid-wannabe’s do over-romanticize the whole she-bang just out of plain in-experience.

romance and adventure just a click away (maybe…)


When It Pours, That Rain Fallin Ain’t Yours….

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Seems like a no-brainer, yes?  Rain fallin from the sky – catch it, use it, no problem.

Well, until 2009, putting a rain barrel at the end of your drainpipe could have landed you in court in Colorado. Or Utah even still.

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