On Fear-Mongering, Love, & the Ilks of Icke

by Ravi, with guest writer, Timothy Wyllie

As is often the case when chatting with our dear friend Timothy, lots of varied and interesting subjects cross our discussions – and the new age personality, David Icke has been mentioned.   Timothy recently was writing to an email contact regarding Icke, and T’s observations were so astute, I wanted to share them here.

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The Tax On Dumb Poor People, Bought YOUR Lotto Ticket Today?

by Ravi

“Oh Damn!” I said – frustrated that my memory was so lousy, “we’re almost back to the highway and I need gas – there’s not any stations ahead”.  I swung the car around – Lola’s head already bobbing as sleep overtook her after an oh- so-very-exciting 3rd birthday party (her first birthday party).

At the first quick-stop gas station I pulled in and dragged my tired daddy self into the  junk food-like-substance crammed isles of the harsh fluorescent-lit  “convenience” store. (every wonder what was “convenient” about a store full of truly horrible, fake foods, health-debilitating sugar/HFCS drinks and worthless junk products?  I guess keeping them in one place where we can effective ignore them IS convenient – at least for some of us…) .

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Awaken Your Intuition – It WILL Save You, No Joke!

by Sunna

If you ever went to an institutional school (public, private, parochial), then using your intuition was one of the first of your natural human capabilities that was trained (or scared or beaten) out of you. And yet it is the one sense that gave humans much of their ability to survive over hundreds of thousands of years and helped them trust their natural instincts. The powers to be most certainly don’t want you powerful and all-knowing.

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Numbing Our Children’s Minds, Imprisioning Their Bodies – The True Goals of Our Entrenched Educational System

by Ravi and Sunna

Having a child is – if one takes it seriously on all levels – simply revelatory.  One’s choices for oneself are one category of decision making, but the choices you make for your child, well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

In raising a child to the point of its own ability to choose, you are, quite plainly,  making daily God-like choices for that infinitely-impressionable creature that will undoubtedly impact them their entire life.  It’s not so much the heavy “responsibility” that weighs on your soul, but rather a more hopeful wish – the wish that your child will essentially “stand on your shoulders”, seeing more, learning more and achieving a more spiritually evolved state than you had the opportunity to in this life.

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Do you REALLY give a Damn yet?

by Ravi

All this blogging, learning like crazy as I go deeper into subjects and concepts – has brought up a very uncomfortable fact for me.  I have realized that it is only recently that I really started to give a damn.  I mean really care about every last thing I fed my body, about how we are educated (brainwashed and re-conditioned actually), how totally full of shit virtually every level of authority is and utterly empty is the space inside when I actually manage to genuinely meditate.

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