Disturbing & Terribly Odd Animated Short – How Angel Wings are Attached

There is simply no good lead-in to this very odd, dark, but curiously compelling animated film. If you have a great insight into it’s meaning – please share it in the comments – otherwise, just enjoy it’s weirdness…



Octopus Love: Oktapodi, Adorable Oscar Nominanated Animated Short, FCS #12

It’s just sweet, cute and funny cartoon – a delightful few minutes break from your day! (Kids will love it too…)


My Dinner With Shelby: A Dumb, Amusing Moment, FCS #11

We don’t know exactly why this bit of sophomoric setup is funny, but it is a half-decent waste of one minute and 44 seconds. The dog is just so, well, absurd…


The Artsy-Fartsy (And Quite Enjoyable) “Idiot with a Tripod” – Fun Cool Sh*t #10

In case you missed this  – its a charming and talented piece of artsy filming and editing done during the huge NYC snowstorm this last winter.

The pleasure of it comes, I think, from the well placed cuts and fades of images from a matter-of-fact kind of event (a snowstorm in a city) so aptly timed with the chosen music.  I have actually found myself viewing it a couple times in a sitting, enjoying the story it tells so succinctly and not without a good dash of humor!

Paleolithic Julia Child…. Who Woulda Thought…? Fun Cool Sh*t #9

OK – so she was most definitely NOT a paleo/primal diet advocate, what with all them faaaaaany Frenchie grain-flour/sugar delights – but here’s an old and very amusing segment from her appearance on a very-young David Letterman show – and THIS recipe is paleo…(almost)

Fun Cool Sh*t #8: Bittersweet Tale of the Kiwi

Perhaps you have seen the original of this wonderful animation, and not this version. If you have – it’s still a bittersweet delight to watch again ( and again) – it’s one of our favorites,
The Kiwi, Mad World Version:

Fun Cool Sh*t #7 -Insects Up Close, REALLY CLOSE!

A photo essay of how beautiful – and strange – insects look **really** up close – take a look:

Insects UP CLOSE!

Fun Cool Sh*t #6- Never Stop Dancing!

from the You Tube comments:

Her name is Paddy Jones,she’s 75 and she’s from England but she moved to Spain after she became a widow 5 yrs ago.She moved to spain to get back to her old passion:dance.She danced since she was 2 and a half and then she stopped at 22,when she met her husband.She went to Nico (her dance partner)’s academy to learn flamenco but he didn’t teach that so he showed her salsa. 🙂



Fun Cool Sh*t #5- Amazing/Impressive Drum Competition Entry

We’re drummers here at DaiaSolgaia – mostly African style on jembe and some doumbek – if you are unfamiliar with competition drumming – here is a very tight, impressive entry from a well-known Tahitian drumming group – crank up the volume on this – it’s exciting!

Fun Cool Sh*t #4 – Kitty is a Bad Mystic

Here’s a bit of  fun dub work that’s been up in the cat-stuff You Tube circuit for a while – but it’s one of our fav’s –

Haven’t seen our kitty Guru? Take a look-see and enjoy!