Awaken Your Intuition – It WILL Save You, No Joke!

by Sunna

If you ever went to an institutional school (public, private, parochial), then using your intuition was one of the first of your natural human capabilities that was trained (or scared or beaten) out of you. And yet it is the one sense that gave humans much of their ability to survive over hundreds of thousands of years and helped them trust their natural instincts. The powers to be most certainly don’t want you powerful and all-knowing.

If you decide to let this natural birth right back into your daily life, it might well save you from the dark forces and their evil intentions to control every aspect of your life: their determined effort to stop you from being fulfilled, healthy and happy.

The deceptions and the lies that have been used during the last 100 years (and are still used) to control the population of this country are mind-boggling.  It is happening in other countries as well (of course), it just stings a little more to  realize this truth in the “land of the free”.

What used to be an independent, intelligent and mainly self-taught population has been turned into a stupid, non-thinking mass of overweight and deadly sick consumers that are constantly listening to the wrong people – with the help of a school system that was set up to dumb down people, not to enlighten them.

Even if you don’t have any children (or plan to have them) I would recommend you read John Gatto’s Underground History of American Education, you will  get some unsettling but invaluable insights into how much of what you believe is not “truly yours”, it was implanted by a nefarious school system created most certainly NOT for your ultimate benefit.

But after realizing that, how do you take your power back?

  • Learn to listen to your intuition.
  • Follow your intuition. Find your own information.
  • Learn anew, who to trust and how.
  • Consider that we are all One.
  • When you realize – in yourself – that the above is true, know that nobody can harm the “real” you.

Here is a mediation to help you reconnect to your intuition – take 6 Minutes for yourself, put your headphones on and enjoy!

This work is a creation by Source Vibrations

What is your experience re-connecting to your true intuition?
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