For Love of a Piano, a Touching, Beautiful Animated Short

by Ravi

There is so much to write about the misery, corruption, and literal horror in the world that we can forget that there is great beauty to embrace as well  – love, and art and music.

Take a moment to enjoy a creative and beautiful  piece of animated art – both visually and audio – that revolves around something very close to my heart…

the Piano.


2 Responses to For Love of a Piano, a Touching, Beautiful Animated Short

  1. I happened upon the site which had a link to this wonderful short. I loved it so much, I sent an email to others for their enjoyment and food for thought. Having gone back to the site, find that there are now other shorts. This is just wonderful, inspiring and uplifting. The animation visuals I just adore. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    As I am not one who is versed in all the latest technology, and am llimited as to my knowledge of computers, am wondering is it possible to buy a cd of this wonderful work?

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you in advance.


    Sandra (Shields) Herzstein

    • daiaravi says:

      Hi Sandra –

      These are shorts i find on YouTube and are “handpicked” to my artistic sensibilities. I’m very glad you find them pleasing as well – i cannot offer you anything like a cd of these – however, for your own personal pleasure they are always available on YouTube and often the creators do not even mind if you download them for viewing personally. Come back again – i put more up every week!

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