Vit D: Big Pharma Dumbing Down and Confounding the Discussion

by Ravi
There is simply no question that our natural-health arch-nemesis Big Pharma is behind the huge dis-information campaign against natural vitamin D including the (absurd) reduced daily recommendations recently issued by the  IOM (U.S. Institute of Medicine).  Here is a very insightful review of what our world’s REAL drug pushers are up to. Reader comments below this article are also quite valuable.

Big Pharma is clearly re-doubling its efforts to further diminish our natural herb/supplement use on the American side of the pond as we approach the implementation of the disastrous Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) which virtually outlaws all non-western herbal remedies throughout Europe – yes – all!  And the SAME contingent is hard at work trying to get YOUR herbs outlawed here in the US.

Ever take an herb, a Traditional Chinese Medicine, an Amazonian herb (like pao d’arco), or virtually any other dried herb as a supplement? If these Big Pharma trolls get their way – you’ll be breaking the law to do so soon.

But back to the most pressing issue – the affront on naturally-acquired vitamin D.   The only thing I would add to the article linked below is that if you are compelled to supplement with vitamin D – for reasons of winter covering-up or other health concerns, please consider doing it with a high quality Cod Liver Oil (with good balance of A and D – supposedly synergistic) or supplement with natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – and in **moderate** amounts as clearly, you can do too much of this good thing.

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Vitamin D Conspiracy Leads Straight to Big Pharma

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What are YOUR thoughts about vitamin D?


4 Responses to Vit D: Big Pharma Dumbing Down and Confounding the Discussion

  1. Cherie says:

    I totally agree with you and am outraged with what they are trying to do!!! I’ve worked for an MD that practiced Alternative Medicine and know how important supplements, including Vit D3 (which our family takes) are to our health. We have to spread the word and support them in any way we can. Thank you for posting this!!

  2. Kelli says:

    I’m also totally outraged that any government could get away with outlawing such affective, safe medicine thats been around for thousands of years!
    I take a vitamin D 1000 IU supplement everyday and have stocked up on numerous supplements and plan to grow my own medicinal herb garden. Its horrible the way Big Pharma has costed many people their lives by promoting the absurd propaganda that “only a drug can cure.” Which is bogus nonsense of course. And then theres the huge push against prevention by the conventional medical establishment, which believes in Spontaneous Disease theory. Then theres organized “skeptic” groups in the UK who promote Big Pharma funded propaganda such as the (non)Sense About Science group.
    We need to fight against these profiteering tyrants.

  3. The sole objective of the pharmaceutical companies is to make money, and in order to sell drugs people need to be sick.

    Supplements like Vitamin D are Big Pharma’s worst enemy, and it will be in their best interest to spend a massive amount of money to fight against them. And the pharmaceutical companies have plenty to spend.

    • daiaravi says:

      … i just want to emphasize that the vitamin d (really a hormone) isolate that is synthetically produced and marketed by big pharma is the “bad” substance here – to get vitamin D in proper “context” (the body only deals with vitamins, minerals and nutrients “in context”) is to take a cod liver oil supplement or the NATURAL form of d3–

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