Overstating ECSTASY (MDMA) Dangers Now Admitted in Study

Many people – dare I admit – many of us have tried the substance MDMA known of as Ecstasy in the past, and while discussing our experiences, we found that almost without exception, they were positive.

The common understanding, and the past argument from the anti-drug camp, has been that ecstasy can cause memory loss, pose a serious brain damage risk, and have long-lasting effects on behavior.

It would appear that all these accusations are not true, and that the “negative” effects of Ecstasy use are associated with the conditions under which it is used, and the combination of MDMA with alcohol, dehydration from rave dancing and the like – associated “dangers” that intelligent use can easily avoid.  The substance itself is neither addictive or damaging to the body.

See the Addiction Journal Study here

We are coming out of an era of relentless vilification of any consciousness-altering substance – or should I say that because of the internet, there are more, varied and enlightened voices being heard.

MDMA has shown great promise psycho-therapeutically for a variety of emotional and psychological disorders – one important one being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

But what about those of us who feel that it is very human and natural to want to explore the other side of our psyche?  We have been, by the draconian laws and which hunt mentality, pushed into a space defined by others and “bad” or “illegal” if we attempt to exercise our human right to alter our own consciousness (another “victim-less” crime) to see what we can learn, how we can grow – and what else there is to perceive.

Here’s a beautiful comment from the Huff Post’s recent blog about the released study:

Ecstasy saved my life.

“The common understanding…from the anti-drug camp, has been that ecstasy can cause memory loss, pose a serious brain damage risk, and have long-lasting effects on behavior.”

Memory loss, yes, it allowed me to forget all those horrible things that happened to me as a kid and gave be a space in which I could deal with the pain and let it go.

Serious Brain Damage, yes, it allowed me to completely re-wire my brain from negative depressed feelings to happy positive ones.

Long lasting effect on behavior, yes, THANK GOD! I am a much happier, calmer, more tolerant person who is no longer afraid to engage life.

The only lasting “side effect” I can think of is that I still love techno music! But to be honest, I loved it before 🙂

Ecstasy was originally designed as a psychother­apy drug used very successful­ly, especially in marital counseling­. The widespread use of it in the 80’s made the FDA panic and pull it off the market, not only for over-the-c­ounter sales, but for medical use and research as well. Thankfully­, it is now being brought back into the pill box of the psychiatri­st where maybe it can do others as much good as it did me. Peace.

Is this what we, as a society and culture, consider an evil encounter with an illicit and dangerous substance? If so, we are truly lost.

Do you have experience with Ecstasy? Please share it with us here:

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