Paleo-Plus Dental Healing & Health Diet Recommendations

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We here at DaiaSolgaia have had a great success with a dental problem in our community.  Now 3 year old child Lola (not pictured 😉 ) has healed her dental caries and stopped further cavities and we want to share our process and the products we used to succeed with you.

If you landed here on this page without reading our 2 posts about our experience and the research behind them, here they are:

Healing Tooth Decay: Cod Liver Oil/Butter

and the more complete examination with research:

The “Teeth-Rotting Diet” – It’s What’s For YOUR Lunch

How We Healed Lola”s Teeth:

At the time when we discovered  tooth decay on 2 year old Lola’s 2 front teeth, we were a very conscious, organic-eating, omnivorous community consuming a wide variety of vegetables, meats, breads, dairy – but all good quality and mostly organic.  This is why we were shocked at this development – our journey into the paleolithic-evolutionary diet was just beginning (this had always been a nutritional “idea” discussed but never acted upon) .

We were thrust into high gear researching and reading about why this could be happening and our revelatory discoveries are recounted in the posts listed above.

What we did first was ascertain what we were **definitely ** doing wrong.

* Reduced Fresh Fruit – Lola was being fed a lot of fruit (healthy, right? NOT!) The sugar and acids of her daily chomping (sometimes we allowed her to nibble in front of her computer) were immediately stopped.

*Stopped ALL grains – We also immediately stopped ALL grains in every form – breads, pasta, all cereals which she was often getting for breakfast – (NOT packages cereals  o’ horror!) but we were feeding her hot oatmeal freshly made, sometimes cream of wheat etc.   We also stopped all couscous, rice and potatoes for other meals. When we say stopped – we mean DEAD STOP. NONE of these items were consumed for the 1st 6 months of this new diet.

*Stopped any and all refined/high fructose sugars (well – she was not getting high fructose – except in the fruits – anyway – but if you still consume them, STOP IT!) including brown sugar, maple syrup, turbanado sugar, sucanut, all refined honey and most raw honey – used VERY sparingly

As it turns out, much of this diet change matches Paleo/Primal dietary guidelines, and we found that – through Lola’s issue, we were all heading for a new eating style and philosophy.

What We ADDED to our New Dental Healing/Paleo/Primal Diet:

*More Meats, more organ meats (liver, liverwurst, fresh sausage) and higher saturated fatty meats

* Bone Broths and we used bone broth as the base for all the soups we make now always! (but the best, grass fed soup bones you can find)

* More fermented dairy – hard cheeses and we finally found a source for raw fresh goat milk for fresh whey (for fermenting other items) and fresh goat milk cheese.

* More fermented foods like kimchi

* Switched to ONLY GOOD OILS AND FATS – virgin olive oil for salad and cold/low heat use, coconut oil and ghee for cooking oils.  (NO seed oils of ANY kind, NO hydrogenated oils, NO CHEAP OILS! NO NO NO!)

** Special Supplement Designed for Lola’s Dental Issues

As per a synthesis of both Prices’ and Mellanby’s work, we gave Lola the following each night for almost a year – and Ravi is quite proud that she STILL asks for her Ravi-Special Cod Liver Oil Lemon Treat every night!

– 1 tablespoon melted pasture butter (the absolute best source of vitamin K that Weston Price considers synergistic with the D and A in cod liver oil)

– 1/2 teaspoon xylitol

– good squeeze of fresh lemon

– 1 teaspoon high quality cod liver oil we used Twin labs – good quality but not the most expensive)

mix well and serve immediately after dinner (it was often considered dessert!)


Glycerin is NOT good – but it’s in Almost All Toothpaste!

Spry Tooth Gel is the only tooth gel I was able to find that has xylitol in it and NO glycerin. There are schools of thought that consider glycerin the worst thing to put on our teeth, because it actually coats the teeth and prevents the minerals in your now-healthy-calcifying-diet saliva from being able to re-deposit on the tooth. One alternative dental site claimed that it took as many as 32 rinses to get all the glycerin from glycerin-containing toothpastes off the teeth! The kicker is that almost every supposedly alternative/healthy toothpaste has it as well.  If you put some glycerin in your sink you can have your own experience of how it sticks to the enamel surface and how hard it is to wash it off. The concept of tooth soap makes a lot of sense to me, too, although we have not tried these yet.

Keep this up with the above dietary guidelines and you will most certainly see the results of your efforts and STOP paying the dentist!

Here are the sources for the items we have listed – Amazon has many of them “free shipping”.  Also here are good oils, xylitol, raw honey and other high quality items for your improved, healing diet! We appreciate you clicking through our links to do your shopping.

Best of Luck! Widgets Widgets Widgets Widgets Widgets


One Response to Paleo-Plus Dental Healing & Health Diet Recommendations

  1. lumwu says:

    If you decide to try a tooth soap, get tooth chips made by Rose of Sharon Acres:
    They are less expensive, they offer a liquid form, they offer with or without xylitol and neem, and they taste great. I switched from Tooth Soap to Tooth Chips and have never gone back. You could also just brush with a drop of peppermint essential oil. It is very strong but works way better than anything.

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