Paleo/Primal Eats @ Walmart – Cheap, Fake & Coming Soon!

by Ravi

I Can't Believe It's Considered Food

The “Paleo/Primal- Diet” thing is getting big – or at least big enough for the Big Boys in the food industry to start taking notice. The second largest Big Boy food/household products conglomerate Unilever announced their interest/intent recently.

Sound exciting? Think again.

The results will most-assuredly be a disaster to the Paleo/Primal movement. The Big Boys, regardless of all their deceptively written (and disgustingly pseudo-sincere) press releases, will definitely NOT be looking to improve the SAD or the health of the world – they will look at improving their bottom line. Period.

Paleo Primavera Pasta - mmmmm

This is not cynicism – it is pure pragmatic reality.  Huge corporate interests like Unilever that sell massive amounts of the most un-paleo, un-healthy, and un-ecological food-like substances and household products on the planet, don’t suddenly adopt a philanthropically positive mindset that will damn the total of their presently profitable product line. “Paleo/Primal” foods will now certainly be developed (as cheaply as possible) and marketed along side the most appallingly un-paleo foods without so much as a blink of an eye – and for one reason only – profit.

On his recent podcast, Angelo from “Latest in Paleo” does a great job leading you through the most recent developments regarding corporate takeovers and co-opting – these latest company trends. He ends with a bit too positive opinion of what could be the result – people getting informed about paleo by the Big Boys, but finding out the real benefits on their own.

What will really happen?

The Big Boys will determine their marketplace positioning, co-opt the hard-extracted synthesis of the pioneers of Paleo/Primal movement, and then produce the cheapest, highest profit “paleo-like” food-like substances they can then manufacture and sell at maximum profit to a general populace too lazy (or already too dumbed-down)  to find out what true evolutionary diet/lifestyle is REALLY about.

Incomprehensible Cruelty on Industrial Animal Farms

In addition, the despicably horrible, inhumane treatment of meat animals will skyrocket as the totally unconscious and unconscionable money-making mass market machine demands even more meat products than the MacDonalds and Burger Kings have already provoked.

A Veg-Head Backlash

And also consider: there is a lurking vegan-vegetarian backlash stewing in the paleo-denied bellies of a meat-hungry populace.  Many of the millions of people imprisoned by doctor recommended low-fat diets, waning health from denial of animal fats, or misguided ideology to a low or no meat-eating regiment will certainly revolt when such easy and cheap fake-paleo foods will appear, health-rated by corporate-funded self-serving studies.  This simmering cauldron of meat-eating desire, cracked-open and fed by Big Boys tainted “studies” and “research results”  will propel the cheap  junk “paleo/primal” products to high sales and brand-name prominence.

More and more evidence is surfacing daily in the mainstream of the degenerative health effects of vegan/vegetarian diets.  Despite chubby Bill Clintons recent veg-head conversion, the paleo/primal diet trend is offering a real alternative to the almost singular vegetarian-is-healthy message saturating the mainstream for the last 25 years. With the inevitable cheap, fake paleo/primal diet still in the works at Unilever and others, such studies as this most recent one about the supposed benefits of whole grains (vs. what!?) are still being touted as the “age of vegetarianism” refuses to die.  Of course, vegetarianism is only so alive in the first place because of the Big Boys investment in super-cheap monoculture, GMO corn, wheat and other grains that make up a huge portion of the “healthy” USDA pyramid (bought and paid for by your friends at Monsanto). See also Denise Minger’s superb take-down of that disgrace here.

What’s the Upshot for Serious Paleo Dieters?

So what does this mean for those of us willing to “pay the price” for a quality diet – literally? Most of us pursuing this diet/lifestyle know full well that the quality of foodstuffs necessary to truly and ethically consume this diet are high… and not cheap.  Organic produce, organically and humanely raised animal products, quality cooking oils and the rest are gonna cost some bucks – but what exactly is you personal and your children’s health worth?

... now bend over....

Considering that the US is 1sts in worldwide medical care COSTS, and 49th in health care QUALITY, I’ll spend our family money on the best food I can find anywhere (and that anywhere being mostly local when possible).  A few days with tests in a conventional hospital can run literally thousands of dollars – would you not rather eat excellent food instead?

Unilever can produce all the “Insta-Paleo Puffs” and “Whole Grain Primal Jerky” they want – I’m not buying it.

Please see our our post “Re-thinking the Appropriate Cost of Food“.


Any thoughts about the future of paleo/Primal – or of the availability of unadulterated food in general? Please comment here!


One Response to Paleo/Primal Eats @ Walmart – Cheap, Fake & Coming Soon!

  1. Kelli says:

    Really its so much easier to be vegetarian, though I know thats not the healthy choice. If I have to shop at wal-mart its easier and safer just to buy their fruits and vegetables and stay far away from the meat section.

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