Chocolate-Coconut-Butter Bites, Paleo or not – Here They Come…

We are just now getting started to compile and post our favorite DaiaSolGaia Real Food Paleo-Inspired Recipes – here’s the 1st of many to come –

by Ravi

Ok – so Jack came up with this but refuses to blog a recipe (somthin’ about his delicate manhood-liness??). But I am more androgynous I guess – or better said – I am more “in touch with my feminine side”. 😉

It’s just that this is sooooo damn good and soooo damn easy we had to share it. When I was a kid – I **loved** these little chocolate-sugar bombs called “Ice Cubes” cause the chocolate was so smooth and melty in your mouth – and kinda icy tasting cause of the quick-melting creaminess – this is the adult, paleo version of that.  You just don’t miss the sugar content at all with the coconut oil and cream (and butter) in the mix.

Start with some good quality dark chocolate – the higher the cacao (up to 80%) the better. The one in our pic is a tad low – 61% – exact measurements on this recipe are not critical – every one of the ingredients tastes so good by itself, it simply does not matter – mix to your own taste.

– 4-6 oz of high quality rich dark chocolate
– 2-4 oz (a heaping tablespoon full) of the best organic coconut oil you can buy (we really like Nutiva)
– 2-3 oz of coconut cream concentrate (NOT coconut milk – too thin – the dense 70% or so creamed coconut meat)
– a dollop (bout 1oz) of pasture butter
– 1/4 cup any dried fruit like cranberries, raisins, currants, or any nuts optional – we like it “pure”…

Melt all in saucepan – gently – in hot water 2nd pan bath is best (we’ve been putting it on the back of the warm wood stove till all gooey). Mix very well when melted.

Pick a medium-ish size saucer with a little depth – maybe 3/8″ or so – tear off a piece of plastic wrap a little bigger than the saucer and use a a liner.  Now pour (scraping and licking the scraper as you go is proper etiquette) and place level in the freezer (or fridge – just takes a little longer…)

When totally firm/hard, take out and on a cutting board, peel off the plastic, and stab/crack it into bite size pieces.  Try not to consume all of it as you do.

Put what’s left in a container and store in the fridge – the cool creamy melting in your mouth is greatly enhanced! YUM~!

(note to other bloggers – yer welcome to lift this recipe – please credit when you do. Thanks!)

Have a quick, easy but amazing chocolate treat? TELL EVERYONE HERE!:


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