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by Ravi

Do you think, even for a nanosecond, about what food you shove in your piehole? I mean, for more time than it takes to take the paper off the double-cheese whopper? Do you actually read the ingredients on the label as you shop in the grocery store? Do you ever NOT eat from the brand-name food-like substances lining virtually every grocery store isle in Amerika?

Then you too, my dear reader, have orthorexia nervosa!

Here’s a great piece from Mike Adams about the newest “official” mental illness: Healthy eating Disorder. It’d be lots funnier if it were an [fake] article on The Onion…

The Newest Classified Mental Illness that you may have!

… and, while you are at it, do check out the USDA guidelines analysis by the inimitable Denise Minger to be able to understand more about why you have this illness (she is REALLY a sicko… 😉 )

Denise Mingers’ “takedown” of the new USDA food guidelines

And, (since I brought them up), here’s a piece from The Onion that, for the life of me, I can’t find any more absurd than the REAL story linked above (worth a chuckle):

Department Of Health And Human Services Recommends Standing At Least Once A Day

Finally, here’s a cookbook to get you all over-the-top with your concern about eating – it’s very good – and I’ll do some more posts soon about the available paleo-style cookbooks:

The Paleo Recipe Book

Whaddya think, fellow one-flew-over-the-cuckoo-nest inmates? Ready for the Prozac? Stand up and comment here as sanely as you can:


2 Responses to OMG! I’M…MENTALLY ILL…..

  1. Kelli says:

    My mom gives me a worried look everytime I tell her to pass me the organic romaine lettuce…

  2. daiaravi says:

    …we can’t wait till Sunna’s mom comes to visit (from Europe) and we have no bread in the house, eat more butter in a day than Sunna was allowed in a week as a child – and that grammy’s beloved grandaughter Lola, (grammy is a nurse) has never been to a doctor since birth…

    tell mom to get over it… 😉

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