"D" is for "DUMB" to take Vitamin D, More Paleo Heresy

By Ravi

I fell for it – did you?

Ahhhh , the “sunshine vitamin” – how could something with that name be anything less than bright and cheery? Your 1st hint would be that that marketing nickname was tagged on by big pharma.  Your 2nd hint would be that it is big pharma who manufacturers most of the synthetic D sold to consumers.

Your 3rd hint would be all the hyped-up fear to exposure yourself to the real source of vitamin D – natural sunshine (fear the evil orb!). Your 4th hint would be that everyone and their sister is now pitching vitamin D mainstream. And your 5th and final hint (for the $5000 top prize) would be the shameless push for all of us to take the miraculous vitamin D with all the look-ahead mainstream hype that vitamin D will be the cure for cancer, chronic fatigue, cures/will cure deficiency diseases, stops ingrown toenails, washes your laundry, boosts your kids IQ and enlarges your p*nis (sorry, males only).

Took me till to #4 to wake up  to get seriously looking into this “vitamin” (which it is not – it’s a hormone) that I would, on occasion when feeling vitamin-inadequate, dribble down my throat. Now please – if you have some serious condition that demands a vitamin D supplementation or your are bedridden under a shady tree or you take some other gawd-awful medication that trashes your vitamin D reserves – then maybe a healthy source of vitamin D might be wise (although the synthetic D is seemingly a pretty dicey one) – but it’s just hard to imagine that gettin’ a bit of sunshine everyday is that damn hard to do (if you give a damn about your health that is). Don’t you remember all those old movies where they would roll-out the convalescing sick little girl or old uncle into the sun – cause they knew it was good for them?

I’ll let a few much more qualified speak on the rational here – the first link by Shane Elison is the clincher – Mr. Ellison is the author of the book Over-The Counter Natural Cures”, a copy of which I’ll be tossing in my next free shipping cart at Amazon.  The 2nd and 3rd are by Chris Masterjohn and jump into the debate about the how’s and where’s of getting enough D, and in what balance with A.

In the FWIW department, every time I consider and act on some kind of regular supplementation – and usually in response to some un-avoidable hype in the media (yes – we’re all vulnerable) , I end up chucking the stuff when I find out more of the gory “details”. Good healthy (mostly paleo) foods, regular sleep, good sex , exercise and sunshine are simply as paleo as you need to be to get all your vitamins/nutrients – it was good enough for us to evolve this far, and it is clearly good enough for us to stay healthy.  Shooting for specific numbers as “healthy” levels of this or that belies the fact that all of us are somewhat physiologically different and we all need different amounts of different elements at different times under different conditions. And even if you are going to supplement with D – then at least do it a time-tested healthy waywith a good quality cod liver oil that balances the A and D – that seems to be critical (See Masterjohn article). Finally I end with some excellent quotes from some of our more enlightened health care professionals.

The point is – do we **really** trust that our evolutionarily-time-tested physiology knows what it’s doin’ — or not?

Shane Ellison – Vitamin D Scam

Chris Masterjohn: Vitamin D — Problems With the Latitude Hypothesis

Chris Masterjohn:  Is Vitamin D Safe? Still Depends on Vitamins A and K!

For hundreds of thousands of years, man has lived with the sun: Our ancestors were outdoors far more often than indoors. We developed a dependence on sunshine for health and life, so the idea that sunlight is dangerous does not make sense. How could we have evolved and survived as a species, if we were that vulnerable to something humans have been constantly exposed to for their entire existence? ~

Dr. Frank Lipman, internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine and practicing physician.

Vitamin D is a hormone… powerful, potent, and paleo-to-the-core. Since pre-paleolithic times, Vitamin D has been produced in our skin from the UVB radiation of sunlight. The sun indeed powers nearly all life on earth. It is essential and signals reproduction, energy and longevity for not just humans but all land and marine plants, prokaryotes, and animals.

Dr. BG, pharmacologist.

The big mistake was that the idea that sun exposure causes melanoma went public before it was proved. In fact, we don’t know what causes melanoma. ~

Sam Shuster, Professor Emeritus, Department of Dermatology, Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant to the Department of Dermatology, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

and finally our professional paleo best friend:

The danger of too much sun is minimal — the danger of too little sun is enormous.

Dr. Michael R. Eades.

What other scams have you laid down for? C’mon – bare all here in the comments:


5 Responses to "D" is for "DUMB" to take Vitamin D, More Paleo Heresy

  1. Kelli says:

    I’ve never heard the mainstream media ever hype a vitamin before. Usually there trying to make supplements look bad, not hype them.
    I think supplements have there place as I take a garlic supplement everyday and it keeps me from falling ill during the Winter with flu.

  2. daiaravi says:

    Hey Kelli,

    Guess when you make the “vitamin” everyone wants to take – you get the mainstream to pitch it hard –

    Supplements are absolutely useful – to fix problems, compensate for other issues etc etc – but, IMHO, ya just don’t need them if you eat well, spending the money on good quality foodstuffs rather than eating less-than-ideally and supplementing your$elf poor…

  3. Teresa says:

    Sweeping generalizations abound on the web… What about those of us living up north? There’s no way we could get enough vitamin D through skin absorption. And I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t evolve north of about 35 degrees! (The Inuit were healthy because of their high-in-fatty-fish diet.)

    I think this is a case where being in balance in the key. I LOVE sunshine and spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer (my record being 7 days straight! 🙂 but for anyone living north of 40, vitamin D sounds like a good idea. Why not take the best of modern advances/information/technology and use it to help evolution a little? Of course, it may be hard to define what “the best of modernity” is…

    With all the conflicting information out there, and knowing that everyone is different, I suggest using your intuition to decide what’s best for *you*. To Kelli, isn’t garlic great? 🙂

    • daiaravi says:

      Hi Teresa, The point i’m making is that we are seeing a HUGE promo of Vit D and the claims are being propagated through the same suspect research results (biased experiments) to sell a big pharma item – synthetic vitamin d – i believe people get results with this for the very reason that they are deficient due to fear of or lack of sun exposure – but ultimately, the synthetic isolate is simply NOT nearly as healthy – and, as i said – if you DO want/have good reason to take vitamin d, then get it – balanced with vitamin a – from a natural source like cod liver oil. Attempts to vilify cod liver oil are yet another attempt to drive people to lesser-quality but more profit-rendering synthetic derivatives often make by… guess who?

      I can only imagine that your Inuit example supports the consumption of a healthy form of d – fish products and oils.

  4. Bill cook says:

    I think you should watch videosvof Dr John Connell on you tube. Just google vit D3 and the flu you tube. Dr Connell found when influenza was sweeping through San Diego his patients were not getting sick. Why. They were taking D3 .He studies D3

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