1984 Cometh Still

by Ravi

1984, The Movie

Today I was messing with our SEO keywords and doing some searches to see how and where DaiaSolGaia was getting linked and I ran across a curious phenomenon – someone lifted a comment of mine from below a Mercola article – a mini-rant on forced GMO foods and mandatory vaccines.  I had rather forgotten it as it was a spur-of-the-moment thing —

But after seeing it re-posted on several other blogs, I decided I would share it here, with minor clarifications, on our own blog – it’s not special or well written – just how I see, in my less-than-hopeful moments, what is happening to us either by design or by default. Hope it’s not too cynical… or too late.

Step by step instructions to control a population:

A) dumb down the population with lousy food (non-food, GMO foods) known to mal-nourish the body and diminish IQ,

B) allow chemicals in the water, air and food supply that do the same,

B#2) forgot to mention amalgam mercury – 150 years of that destroying               health  and intelligence,

C) allow brains to be cooked with EMF’s – cell phones (make them a “must have” item in life),

D) deaden emotional responses with repeated hype on the media so much so that reports of bombs, wars and killing elicit no more visceral response,

E) vaccinate everyone (don’t need to say more on that one..),

F) slowly so as not to be noticed, slice that little piece of civil rights wurst off till there is complete police-state power (Hitler’s tactic),

G) create constant fear, from puberty on, about our most beautiful intimate gift of sexual pleasure with constant hype about AIDs, STD’s, (and support religions that do the same),

H) increasingly incite distrust of each other within our communities,

I) make rules and laws that distance the common person from the “law” so we need the lawyer-priests (who serve the state) to interpret even the most simple of legal situations,

J) make paradoxical and absurd statements repeatedly – say it enough and people will simply parrot them unthinkingly (war is peace… slavery is freedom, vaccines are safe and effective… GMO crops are safe and effective)

K) and finally create as much self-loathing, state-dependency and fear in each individual’s soul through every possible communication channel – TV, newspapers (yea – “news” right…), internet, radio…

and viola! you are in totalitarian control.

My little girl is just about to turn 3 years old and has learned her ABC’s.  I hope she gets to grow up and use them.




What are your thoughts about the many, varied and increasingly hard to dismiss theories of thought and population control that we hear about now almost everyday? Please share your ideas here:


2 Responses to 1984 Cometh Still

  1. Kelli says:

    Honestly, I have to wonder what exactly is going on sometimes. Of course, everyone calls you a “conspiracy theorist” if you dare to mention population control or police state, but really I think it is becoming a reality more and more. Vaccine damage is repeatedly denied by the mainstream media and anyone associated with them. GMO dangers are repeatedly ignored when anyone if their right mind should know they have to cause harm.

    Yeah, just dumb people down and their easy to control. Really we’re living in a corporate police state.

  2. daiaravi says:

    a sick and feeble population can’t easily revolt, yes? Here is a very disturbing quote form a woman named Megan Mackin – now I don’t know much about her – if she’s rad in any peculiar way, but the quote made me think none-the-less – and she is speaking specifically about the way the vegan movement (and the resulting ill-health of so many of it’s adherents) has become so vociferously “lock-step” ( note that high-profile vegans that abandon the cause are vilified and often receive death threats):

    “It begins, eventually, to look like a very effective way to co-opt a movement: take the most passionate activist-minded, girls especially, and get their focus on a way of living that drains energies and enforces conformity in others. The Big Boys still run things, but now even more freely – without much interference.”

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