PaleoHydration – Making Water a Tad More Tasty

by Ravi

Mark over at his “Daily Apple” just did a good awareness post on diet sodas, and although he does not come and outright vilify them, his good comments are food (drink?) for thought.

I, on the other hand, am happy to vilify any and all sweetened soda no matter what you use to sweeten it.

Seriously folks, this is one of the most amazingly profitable (and legal!) scams in all of modern marketing history. Take water (and not even good water), toss in some cheap sugar – or even cheaper highly-suspect pretend-sugar, add questionable chemicals to mimic a flavor – all at a total cost of probably less than a cent per can (the canning/bottling/shipping is the most expensive part of the package) and sell resulting pollution for 20 to 100 times it’s cost.  Advertise this liquid atrocity as “the cool drink to drink”, make sure it has some legal, at least mildly-addictive substance in it (too bad they could not still use cocaine, huh?) and literally become pushers of this nutritionally worthless and in fact, highly damaging fluid.  Use your ever-increasing huge profits to further push and addict group after group, generation after generation of people and voila! – you have one of the most amazingly profitable scams in all of modern marketing.

Here’s a simple and quite healthy substitute for those kicking the soda habit – and an interesting perk for those already drinking the most perfect drink – cool, clean water.  And this is no amazing innovative announcement, but rather a reminder that TEA can be used COLD as well as warm.

We have now for years, bought a variety of herbal teas (and you can have some with black or green tea as well) and just filled several jugs of water, tossed in the desired amount of tea bags for a pleasant enough taste (in my jugs 3 or so per quart) and put the jug back in the fridge each day for an exceptionally refreshing, slightly sweet but basically water refreshment always available. (you don’t add sugar, the herbals and fruit in the tea make it sweet…)

Our personal favorite teas for this simple refreshment happen to be from Bigelow and are a great price on Amazon shipped in multi-paks and with free shipping. We like the Raspberry Iced Tea, Pomegranate Pizzazz, Chamomile Mango, and the I Love Lemon flavors – all great and all with great reviews from others as well. Widgets

So do yourself a BIG favor and kick that soda out – just don’t buy it – and order some sugar-free but still sweet herbal teas and make the changeover.  I used to drink watered fruit juice in the hot summer and abandoned that for the teas when I found my blood sugar all over the place after hot days consuming lots of fruit juice.

Do you have a favorite soda substitute or a story of how you kicked soda our of your fridge? Please share it here!


One Response to PaleoHydration – Making Water a Tad More Tasty

  1. Kelli says:

    Diet soda (and all soda) is the worst. I never understand why people keep drinking that garbage.

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