Make Your Own Simple Lavender Salve

by Sunna

I have made my own salves for a while now and am really enjoying to know exactly what I put on my skin (See my post The High Health Risks of Being “Cosmetically” Beautiful).

Here is how I make a simple salve for my hands, body and lips:

3/4 cup of refined coconut oil (you can also use the unrefined one used for cooking)
10 grams of beeswax
20 drops of essential lavender oil
A good squirt of almond oil (I put that in this time because I had a little left, you can do it without that, too)

Put the coconut oil in a glass, the beeswax in another one. Put both glasses in a pot with some water and heat up the water until both the oil and the wax are melted. Add the essential oil to the coconut oil, then add the beeswax to the coconut oil. Stir and pore it in your end container (can be a simple reused glass) – I also put a little amount in an empty lip balm container this time, so I can carry it around with me easily.

You might want to experiment with the amount of beeswax to change the consistency – you can always remelt the salve slowly (just as much as necessary!) and add some more beeswax. Depending on the season and where you live the consistency of this salve will change, because coconut oil is solid at room temperature. I think that is why it is not widely used in commercial cosmetics even though it is one of the best body oils you can use. I used it by itself for a long time but found that mixing in some beeswax makes it smoother and easier to use, especially during winter time.

If you get inspired to make your own cosmetics the place to go online is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a huge selection of organically grown herbs, essential oils, beautiful and practical containers (like these beautiful blue cobalt glass jars), high quality carrier oils, beeswax and on and on. I did get a wonderful piece of beeswax here but Mountain Rose Herbs has smaller amounts, too, if you are not sure how much of it you want to use in the future.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

Questions? Feedback? Please share your experience with making your own cosmetics below!


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