LACTO-PALEO, A Case for Paleolithic Dairy Consumption – TEASER POST

UPDATE: parts #1 and #2 are up! go here:

Dairy Is Paleo (Goat Dairy that is…) Part#1/3

Dairy Is Paleo Part #2/3 Who Says What is “Domestication”?

by Ravi
TEASER POST – Yes, I’m doin’ that irritable “Coming Up Next” media thang, sorry – but I’m kinda excited about this post and subject – digging around seems to show that the dear ol goat (which I have been accused of being 😉 ) may well have been a nutritionally useful companion to us humans lots longer than CW (common wisdom) would care to speculate.  Studies of goat morphology can’t seem to conclusively concur on a variety of goat changes – especially ones they can now detect on a molecular level.  Traditional theories of domestication and herding don’t really fit – but no one is really ready to “officially” go out on a limb and push back goat domestication beyond the beginning of the agricultural revolution (10k years back) where the current evidence is found. But it’s that “all swans are white” thing again – until someone finds direct evidence of goats hangin’ with humans prior to the 10k mark, official dogma won’t speculate even though there are lots of great implications that goats were our friends further back.

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