Your Paleo-Diet TasteBud Makeover

by Ravi

a juicy fatty porkchop

I came across this interesting tidbit that rolled around the internet last year (I missed it – oh well..!) that we have an actual taste bud receptor for “fat”.  Now why would that be? (question directed at vegetarian and vegan crowd arguing for evolutionary vegetarianism). Well duhhh – we have the receptor ’cause nature wanted us to eat this substance! OK so you could say we taste sweet, so why is it not good to eat more sweets? Well, because nature DID want us to eat sweet when there was so little of it around – it indicated valuable energy-giving carbohydrate which, in paleo-terms, was not available chocloate-dipped, with 2 nuts and wrapped up just waiting for our dumb impulse purchase. (I would also argue that bitter taste buds are to give us care in eating plants and substances that may be bad for us…)

The part of this I love best, however, is how the headlines and low-fat, hi-carb crowd (most of the mainstream media) interpreted this finding (as did the researchers).  They gleefully accounted that we can now avoid getting fat ’cause we now know that we are being fooled by our taste buds! Oh Yea! We are saved! Now if you taste the fat in something – just spit it out! Don’t consume all those fat calories!

It’s kinda fun – in a perverse sorta way – to watch the mainstream play “Twister” with every bit of possibly-contrary trial/research data that comes out in order to fit it to the politically-correct medical or dietary party line.  Like this just released study Denise Minger so aptly dissected whose mainstream headline stated the convoluted opposite of what the study conclusions actually were – obviously to get some play in the mainstream press.

But I digress – the main thing I wanted to note here was in account after account – and now backed with my own observations of my experience – our tastes DO change as we move from hi carb sugar laden diet to a sat fat, low carb diet.  People across the paleo/lo-carb board profess some difficulty but overall tend to observe that after some time on these better diets, a slice of butter (or fat of their choice)  is more pleasing and satisfying than their former sugar-fixations.

My personal observations are the same. Now I cannot say I have totally lost yet my taste (after 50 years of “conditioning” )  for sugar or salt (salt being arguable as a non-paleo item) , but I can say with certainty that my cookie-cravings are virtually gone and my sugar needs can be met with small doses of xylitol in coconut bar treats or coconut-flour muffins we make (slathered with pasture butter of course…) .

So if you are just trying out the paleo-thing and have failed sooo many times before on other less-than-ideal diets – focus on those good fats – enjoy butter, coconut oil and ghee to your hearts content when the urges hit you and you’ll find – I think – that you too can see your sugar-obsession fade into yummy non-insulin-stimulating fatty joy.

… and have a pat of butter for me while you’re at it…

Have you experienced a change in your tastes after going primal/paleo?  Please tell us more here:


2 Responses to Your Paleo-Diet TasteBud Makeover

  1. Kelli says:

    Its the salt that always gets me. I love Kettlebrand’s salt and vinegar chips, they leave my mouth sore for days.
    I never knew we could taste meat? Honestly, I still don’t care much for meat, but I’m willing to hear the otherside. I’ve never been totally vegetarian, but I still choose veggies over meat.

  2. daiaravi says:

    It’s the fat we can taste – that’s why fatty chocolate, butter and coconut oil also elicit favorable gustatory responses – and a hint for your getting a taste for meat – fatty pork roast (and of course bacon) really trigger this taste sensation – (i love the salt too – the salt/vinegar chips are usually too much for me though – i go for the salt/pepper… a real non-primal weakness)

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