Repulsed by Organ Meats? A Modern Paleo Diet Solution

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Many – if not most – of us did not grow up with organ meats – kidney, heart, liver (well maybe liver) tongue, brain, etc roasted on our dinner plate.   Although paleo and Weston Price expound on the benefits of organ meats (the Inuit Indians tossed the lean meat that we eat to the dogs…), I still do not find myself running out and gutting the first ruminant I see and tossing the tenderloin.

So what to do to get those really excellent organ meats in your diet? Well, Just as I learned to enjoy (some) opera by being introduced to Puccini (just some of the **best** melodies in all of classical music), sausage, quality wurst (hot dogs to you, American boy) and the elitist “pate” (huh huh nose in the air…) can nudge you gently into the organ meat eating category.

Each of these will contain at least some of the animal innards and both spiced and packaged to disguise the uninitiated sensibilities.  But here’s the disclaimer: Get sausages that are the least processed as possible! Doc Mercola just blogged on the health dangers of processed meat and I pretty much agree unless you seek out minimally processed sausages – just ground up animal bits stuffed into a sausage casing.  Whole Foods has some pretty good ones they make in their cases whereas the packaged ones – although organic – are more processed and pre-cooked – not as good as fresh.  Of course – go for grass-fed as studies are showing that just a few weeks of grain finishing destroys the whole balance of omega 3’s and 6’s as well as changes the taste of the meat.

When I was a kid, my mother used to fry up chicken livers in butter – I **loved** them – so remembering that and going mostly paleo (and not being so ready to chomp down most other innards) I decided to get some naturally raised chicken livers and make my own pate. Besides, the pate in the stores is mostly big bucks.

So – palatable western fare is there for those organ meats. Be brave and google up some choices and preparations.  Nourishing Traditions has (as has Julia Child books the French-y way) some good ones and we’re going to start diversifying.  Best yet – get a meat grinder and make your own fresh organ meat sausages.

I leave you with a nicely done video to learn to make your own chicken liver pate (except use organic cream, organic butter and naturally raised/organic chicken livers!!!)

Please share your favorite, flavorful and aversion-reversing organ meat recipes and ideas here!


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