Why We Won’t Vaccinnate, A Less Hysterical (but equally emphatic) Argument

After venting in my last post – (the big pharma takeover of our medical establishment and in fact, our lives, makes me livid), I decided to write a better and calmer argument about why we don’t vaccinate.

Below is the list of the reasons I will not vaccinate myself or my child and I will vigorously encourage others not to vaccinate as well.




A) I do not trust our government and its regulatory agencies to protect me or my family’s best interests regarding almost any aspect of my health, so polluted have the channels become with special interest money and lobbying. I unequivocally DO NOT think vaccines are tested enough for either safety or efficacy (numerous WELL-CITED articles by Mercola here). Besides an admitted bias towards the actions of governmental agencies, there is an ABUNDANCE of very obvious cases where financial interests have co-opted the agencies meant to protect us resulting in recommendations/regulations that are protecting big business, NOT the people.

B) I do not believe that production methods of vaccines are safe as many are produced in organic situations in which a plethora of other disease vectors may be present and unaccounted for. Organic vectors wholly unintended, unexpected or undetected can accompany the intended disease vector in the vaccine shot – injecting into the body wholly unknown organisms, proteins and other agents. In addition, there have been an alarming string of “mistakes” in production and shipping vaccines resulting in truly egregious compromises of public health.  This HAS happened and been admitted to at the beginning of 2009- see Baxter virus contamination here.

C) I do not believe that the human body is, in its properly healthy and nourished state, susceptible to virtually any of the so called” deadly” diseases. case in point: in 1994 (with more research data subsequently) it was discovered that  being deficient in selenium has a significant impact on the ability to both resist and eliminate the polio virus (as well as other viruses).  Selenium has a special place in regards to our DNA – as there is a receptor for selenium within the DNA structure (indicative of its relative importance). Good, balanced omnivorous diets in most cases, provide adequate levels of selenium – if not, it can be supplemented easily and cheaply.

D) The establishment of modern sanitation as well as improvements in nutrition throughout the 1900’s was the single most significant reason for the drop in all such contagious diseases. (See the case of  Leicester England and smallpox) Deaths and/or cases of these diseases, in almost every case, had already dropped to less that 10% of their original high early in the 1900’s or late in the 1800’s, BEFORE VACCINES FOR EACH DISEASE WAS INTRODUCED. (click here)

E) There is significant correlation between stressed and/or poorly nourished populations where serious outbreaks of these various diseases occurred – for example, after WWII, there were significant cases of polio amongst populations that had been stressed by a combination of the state of war as well as the accompanying poor nutrition during the war.

F) I do not believe that the actual mechanisms of introducing to the body a weakened or dead version of a virus impart a quality, lasting immunity to a disease. Apparently the producers of vaccines clearly know this as they constantly are increasing the recommended booster shots for numerous vaccines.  Also – outbreaks of diseases like measles are happening now in colleges among students vaccinated as children.  In contrast, a healthy child who has been exposed to measles as a child and developed no or mild symptoms (or even a full case of measles) has *full lifelong immunity*.

G) In an effort to physiologically force vaccine compliance by guilt/social responsibility, pharmaceutical companies and their supporting medical groups have adopted a THEORY written to explain the immunity developed in a “herd” of wild creatures, such as caribou. The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich.  The theory states that, in order to get the benefit of immunity for the whole group, a certain percentage of the group must *naturally* acquire immunity to the pathogen.

Remember, herd immunity is a theory (and one based on herd-animal observations), never scientifically tested or proven, it is only based on speculation from observation. The number in the theory for the group to have the benefit is estimated to be between 60% and 65% of the herd.  It is therefore rather shocking to find that in the last decade, someone, somewhere, made an enormous (and unsubstantiated) leap of logic and started using the figure of 95% needed to be vaccinated in order to achieve the the still-theoretical herd immunity.

***IMPORTANT NOTE on herd immunity – recently we have seen this theory questioned by the mainstream medical authorities – but they are using the discredit to further scare and imply that now everyone must be vaccinated in order to be protected.  This is further fear mongering to scare the sheep (us) into compliance.

Relative to the many excellent anti-vaccine proponents, I’m a vaccine-knowledge nobody – I am aware of that – just a guy with a loud opinion (and a beautiful & healthy 3 year old un-vaccinated child) , so here I present a few other voices:


9 Responses to Why We Won’t Vaccinnate, A Less Hysterical (but equally emphatic) Argument

  1. Kelli says:

    Fantastic. Its horrible the way the lame media lives in complete denial of vaccine damage all while thousands of kids die or injured after getting a vaccine. Congratulations for never vaccinating your kid. We need more parents like you around.

    • daiaravi says:

      Both Sunna and I have spent quite some effort searching many areas of health – Sunna had pretty bad eczema from age 2 (probably soon after her first vaccination, but we don’t have that accurately observed) and she did not really get rid of it till her late 20’s. She had stopped vaccinations and boosters years before, but also she had all dental mercury removed from her teeth in her mid-20’s and

      – funny – that was just 18 months before the eczema faded not to return again since (11 years now).

      of course, conventional medicine would just scream coincidence… we don’t think so.

      • daiasunna says:

        I actually had an infant version of eczema – cradle cap – from 4 months on, and eczema from then on through all my childhood and into my twenties. I would scratch my hands and other parts of my body bloody regularly.

  2. Heidi says:

    Visiting from the Mark’s Daily Apple site; what a great blog you have here! I will definitely be back for more reading!

    • daiaravi says:

      Thanks Heidi – funny you should make this comment tonite – Sunna and I were just having deep discussions over dinner about the direction of the site – we want to create something we believe in here – blogging about what we know and/or are passionate about – but some of the things we are passionate about are also quite controversial/intense (like this subject) and many people are just too uninformed to be open to the message or to scared to consider it. We also want the site to grow and be a modest affiliate-income for us promoting the products we believe in –

      we’re trying to get the right “mix” – doing what we love and getting it modestly successful – we appreciate your visit and comment – please sign up for our email posts and do come back and comment freely–

  3. I’ve been quite anxious about the issue of vaccination. I have a 6 month old son, and have so far managed to keep him healthy and unvaccinated. I am terrified, I have to admit, of him contracting pertussis. There’s been outbreaks in Brisbane, where we live. But my worry of that doesn’t outweigh my disbelief that there are still so many unanswered questions – no – unlistened to questions about the safety of vaccines. The biggest issue that exemplifies this for me (although not as publicly rousing as the autism question) is aluminum. There are no studies that demonstrate that the quantity of aluminum our children receive intravenously through vaccines is safe. I just can’t stomach this inattentiveness. It stinks too much of avoidance.

    • daiaravi says:

      Hi Angela,
      It’s much much worse than “avoidance” – (it’s pre-meditated profit-only motive) and the aluminum IS serious – implicated repeated in many other disorders including alzheimers (nothin’ like settin yer kid up for that in his adult life…) Because you’re down under, i want to recommend you look up Vaccination, a Parents Dilemma” by Greg Beattie – he’s an aussie layman that battled it out to get his kids exemptions and on the way – learned plenty about big pharma. Also give some attention to Viera Scheibner and even Doc Mercola’s site has “a lot” on the untested, covered up dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines. I’m not a doctor Angela, but i am a THP (thinking healthy person…) and i would support you in choosing NOT to go there – Put aside your fears and keep learning more about nutrition (obviously a biggie for you!) – your little boy’s own immune system is absolutely capable protecting him in this world – he need good foods (avoid grains and sugars!), avoid EMF’s (cell phones etc) – all these things can diminish the immune system or interfere in its’ proper development. Good luck – please look around our site more – we have many many links to great info!

  4. Amelia says:

    Thank you for a great article! My son will be 3 soon and only one of the Dr’s in our area would take him unvaccinated, however I finally had to sign a waiver. Of course making my husband and I feel maybe we should reconsider and look at vaccines. Your article has confirmed my Mommy intuition from hours after my son was born and they wanted to take him for Hap. B vaccine!! I declined. My son is healthy and vibrant and we eat a balanced diet thanks to a local CSA. Our suburban town is full of “Follow the Misleading Media” types, but like you, I think for myself too.
    Thank you for your blog! I am happy to have found it!

    • daiaravi says:

      thank you for your comment – and also for putting your child’s well being before the profits of big pharma! – our 3 year old also gets a good diet, lotsa sun and is healthy as a horse – we have recently met many older children who are un-vaccinated – and they are vibrant and alive without allergies and with clear minds – THAT is what we all want yes?

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