Arguing With the Jabberwoky – The Vaccine Battlegound

I’d call this a simple rant, but it would be belittling the intensity and importance with which I view this abominable modern disaster. Vaccines, holiest of holy-cows of modern medicine, stands right up there with the most atrocious of human cruelties.

Because vaccines are now developed exclusively for massive profit and foisted on people shamelessly, without regard for safety by promoting ignorance, lies and fear, paying to convince doctors to promote vaccines and influencing lawmakers to try to get mandatory compliance with their useless and dangerous for profit poisons. In addition, they are tested inhumanely in 3rd world countries where political/social resistance is low (or paid-off to be low) and ignorance is high.

OK you say, (if you have not already clicked off this insane vaccine-denier page) isn’t that a bit hyperbolic?

Yes, and No.

Yes because the statement as it stands implies a completely complicit conspiracy of evil doers hand in hand raping humankind. This is not true. The majority of medical professionals and assistants, health professionals and officials are not inherently evil – in fact, I am clear that most sincerely and energetically believe that vaccines are good and have and will continue to stop diseases.

Vaccine introduction timelines, click to enlarge

For them, it is unfathomable that they are, or even could be, simply wrong. Raw data, and the most simple analysis of time lines and overall efficacy of vaccines fail to prove anything in their favor. And it is this failure to fully investigate the claims of their [sacred] profession of medicine and to hold accountable those supposedly serving the good of medicine that makes them accomplices in the crimes of the big pharmaceutical companies. And let’s not mince words – big pharma is responsible for crimes against humanity – nothing less. Big Pharma is not unlike Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwoky, vicious and absurd, insatiable, ruthless and if we want health freedom and the rights to our body secured, big pharma much be beheaded!

And on that count, is my statement hyperbolic? No.

“First do no harm” – an excerpt as from the Hippocratic Corpus where you can also find the Hippocratic Oath, is supposed to be the ultimate moral law that the medical profession lives by. You can forget it. The corporate profit machine has buried that ideal under literally billions of dollars to subsidies, gifts and perks to doctors, non-profit public medical information sources (see this article just released here and here) and the most atrocious but still legal lobbying to try to get more laws that FORCE you and I to either get vaccinated or to vaccinate our children. There is NOTHING in the medical record that would recommend such laws or rules – it is purely a for-profit corporate effort to further legislate their subsidized or forcibly enforced profits for unproven medical substances or procedures.

Nature, NOT FOR PROFIT PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, has the knowledge and ability to deal with diseases. Better  nutrition and better sanitation are the sole heroes that have so far lifted  humanity from the scourge of transmittable disease epidemics.

Ironically, one of the most amazing and truly outstanding accomplishments of modern medicine is, for the same blind, greedy profit motives, being destroyed by overuse and overselling – it’s antibiotics.  Allowing the unbridled use of millions of pounds of antibiotics on our feed animals that automatically pass into our food chain is yet another unbelievable for-profit abomination. (overuse of antibiotics in food-chain livestock see article here)  I don’t need to detail this – google “overuse of antibiotics” and you’ll get plenty to chew on.

I close this brief and passionate blog with a list of resources – please visit them, and support the action networks like the National Vaccine Information Center whose leader, Barbara Loe Fisher has, in the face of the most vicious and demeaning attacks from big pharma supporters, faced them down with an excellent resource for free, thinking people.

Here’s my list – I am sure there are more good organizations out there – please support them:

National Vaccination Information Center

Vaccination Liberation

Doctors Against Vaccines

Vaccine Truth

Think Twice

Do you have a vaccine story to relate or another resource I can add to this list? PLEASE comment here.


3 Responses to Arguing With the Jabberwoky – The Vaccine Battlegound

  1. Kelli says:

    Vaccines are definitely the biggest quackery ever shoved onto humankind along with the cancer con job industry. Vaccines destroy the immune system causing it to be dependent upon chemicals then the kids grow up to have cancer. Such an atrocity that quack MDs get away with that.

    • daiaravi says:

      yes – exactly –

      every few months i get all worked up again and start ranting – this time it was an article (a good one) by Mercola that got me going. I am just posting another less-hysterical (but still sincere!) vaccine blog in the next few minutes – PLEASE feel free to pass it on to other parents especially-

      as said before by people – if i can get just one parent NOT to vaccinate their children – it will be worth the effort–
      thanks for commenting-


      • Kelli says:

        Yeah, I get worked up too and it interferes with other things in my life when I see pro-vaccine propaganda. Its such a load of crap. There were polio outbreaks after WWll because people were nutrient-deficient from the scarce food availability. Yes, germs exist but the terrain is still more important.

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