Herbs to Love: SAGE Smudging, a Ritual for Cleansing Body & Spirit

I come from a catholic background – a fairly open minded one (which, in a way, is not saying much) but a catholic one. I have never been part of the catholic church as an adult (although I went through the childhood rituals), I clearly knew when I was 18 that this was not mine and opted to get out – because where I come from in Europe you are catholic by birth, if your parents are catholic, there never really is a choice, you have to actively “leave” a system that you have never joined on your own accord.

Understanding how much evil that the catholic system has spread through the centuries now only confirms what I felt then already. There is no space for this kind of power-mongering religious domination on this planet anymore. We are now responsible for our own understanding of the visible and invisible worlds that we move through. Nobody has a right to tell us what is right to believe (especially not a creepy pope).

Nonetheless, my spiritual mindset is a christian one, when I talk about angels, I call them “angels” and not devas. But same same (as the Thai people like to say).

Even though my 3-year old Lola and I don’t talk much about angels – I am trying to not clutter her mind with my spiritual concepts too much so she has a chance to experience her own reality as much as possible – I personally sense we do have them around us all the time.

They especially seem to like one of our rituals – the native American ritual of cleaning our space with a white sage bundle (sage “smudging”). Lola loves this ritual and always wants to do some by herself (I let her walk around the kitchen isle.)

We open all the windows and doors in the house and then carefully light the white sage bundle. First you want to get it to burn a little with a flame, but then you blow that out so you are left with a good amount of … to get a nice amount of smoke. Holding it we (me) walk through the whole house, asking the Angels of the Air to help us clean bad energies out. Sometimes we sing our request. I make sure we get some smoke in every corner of the house, then we do a little ritual cleaning of her (moving the smoke all around her body), of me and of papa (when he is around).

After this ritual the house smells nice and feels all fresh. And the house spirits seem to really dig it, too.

We love Mountain Rose Herbs for just about all our dried herbs, tinctures, essential oils and more – their service and products have been very, very good. If you enter through this link, DaiaSolGaia will get credit for your purchases THANKS!

Do you have any personal or family rituals that are different/interesting that you would like to share?  Please do so here!


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