Herbs to Love: ROSEMARY

Today’s Cooking Herb to Love:

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Description: Rosemary is a perennial herb in the form a bush. It can grow quite bushy about 3 to 4 feet in height. One uses its more tender green leaves for herbal preparations and cooking.

History: Believed to be a gift from Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), it has been known as the herb of remembrance and frequently accompanies weddings (remembering to be true…) and funerals (remembering the dead). Rosemary and Juniper burn to cleanse the air (in hospitals), by the Greeks and Romans in food, distilled in wine or applied as a tincture or tonic for a variety if ills, rosemary has a long and treasured history. It is said to strengthen and invigorate.

Growing Rosemary: As with many herbs, rosemary is an easy-to-grow tough-y, growing well in very poor soils (but will grow better in improved soils). It can withstand a good bit of 10 degree to 30 degree winter and still be standing proud in the spring. In northern climates where it gets **really** cold, you can mulch it and cover it and see if it gets though. Cuttings can be rooted easily for additional plants, and is a good idea in summer to root and pot some up for indoor growing and fresh supply throughout the winter.  Rosemary grows well in containers, pots, and ledge boxes as long as it gets good sun.  It doesn’t need or like a lot of fertilizer and likes to get a bit dry (soil) before watering again. One little plant from the garden shop can be turned into (with a little time) shrubs and shrubs.  Rosemary cuttings can be dried and then stripped from the woody stalk and stored for later use.

How to cook with Rosemary: Oh jeeze, sooo many ways – let’s start with:

*POTATOES: chopped and added to any kind of potatoes – fried, roasted baked, added to the sour cream topping, you name it–

*VINEGAR: whole sprigs can be tucked into a fresh bottle of white wine vinegar and left (with other herbs too) for weeks/months for a delicious rosemary/herb vinegar.

* MEATS: super in longer-roasted or simmered meats adding much flavor – especially with beef, chicken or lamb.

* SALAD DRESSING: chopped finely and added to salad dressing – best to let soak in dressing for a day or more.

* DIPS, STUFFING, BREAD, MEATLOAF, and on and on – such a **great** herb that some people even use it in desserts (haven’t tried that yet).

We love Mountain Rose Herbs for just about all our dried herbs, tinctures, essential oils and more – their service and products have been very, very good. If you enter through this link,  DaiaSolGaia will get credit for your purchases THANKS!

Do you  have a great use for rosemary? Something really delicious!? Please share it here:


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