The High Health Risks of Being (Cosmetically) Beautiful

Many years ago in my young-adult years, my female roommate avoided cosmetics containing mineral oil. I thought she was ridiculous and extreme. I have changed my opinion (aaahh, the wisdom of age), now realizing that the mineral oil was bad, but the remaining components are even worse!

Check out  this video (and scare yourself) to find out more about the toxic substances that are legally used in most of the cosmetic products that are sold.

The Story of Cosmetics

The Story of Cosmetics Website

What’s in your products? Find out on the website of “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics”

Find out about a specific product you are using on “Skin Deep”, a cosmetic database!

I have gone through the process of evaluating all the products that I was using about a year ago and have mostly replaced them with homemade alternatives. Even the supposedly organic and “natural” products that I used to pay a lot of money for turned out to contain lots of toxic, untested or at least questionable substances. I wash my hair with Oasis Biocompatible All Purpose Soap or Dr. Bronner’s Soap, rinse with a spoon full of raw apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and then brush through it before I dry it – leaves my hair beautifully shiny, healthy and happy. I brush my teeth with tooth powder (homemade, but you can buy some here or here). Lola’s hair get washed with California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash or Cocoon Baby Organic Body & Hair Wash which I prefer (adore would be the better word, it smells so wonderfully!).

I help my skin deal with the dryness of New Mexico by using a homemade ointment made from coconut oil, essential lavender oil and some beeswax. We wash our laundry with Oasis Biocompatible Laundry Detergent and our dishes with Oasis Biocompatible All Purpose Soap.

Take note of all the massive advertising campaigns that the biggie cosmetic/toiletry companies launch and maintain. What or who do you think is paying for these (much less paying for their ungodly profits?) – Discover for yourself that you are paying big dollars for cheaply produced cosmetics, soaps and creams that are undoubtedly at least unhealthy or at worst are poisoning you for wanting to be “beautiful”!

Do you have any health-related experiences with questionable cosmetics? Or perhaps a great self-made cosmetic recipe to share? Please share it here:


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