What we don’t know that we don’t know…

Hello and Hi – I’m Ravi here at DaiaSolGaia and I welcome you to our opening blog.  It’s short and sweet – a simple message.

As the saying says – there are things we know (tiny category) , things we know we don’t know (hugely bigger) and then things we don’t know that we don’t know (infinite actually…).

We’re coming online to share our cumulative 1st category, and realize ourselves and with you,  more of the 2nd and 3rd in the process.  The internet has been the most amazing gift in our lives.  Our off-grid life and, without fail, every other aspect of our lives that we will be writing about here has been profoundly impacted by internet access and the generous sharing of millions.

In fact, what we want to offer here is just our filter of the internet-information explosion – with our actual real-world experiences woven in.

If you are searching and sincerely interested in well-researched and experience-based blogs on solar energy, greenhouses and gardening, nutrition, natural health, good food, creativity in art and music, happy and healthy kids, low-cost improvements to your living systems, and more – then bookmark us or sign up for our post releases.   We’ll do 2-4 per week on a wide variety of subjects and the related products.  We promise honest evaluations and if we offer advice, it will be sincere and with as much candor as we can muster.

and BTW – Daia is compassion, Sol is the sun (sky) and Gaia, of course, mother earth.


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